tennis ball rattle diy brain game for dogs

The Tennis Ball Rattle – DIY Brain Games for Dogs

Hello, Pet Parents! We’re back with the Tennis Ball Rattle, another instalment of our DIY Brain Games for dogs series, or as I’d like to refer to it, attempting to find just one brain game for dogs that the Prince – Rambo – will actually partake in! 

It’s been a rocky start for sure trying the Brain Games for dogs out with Rambo and Oscar – while Oscar loves getting involved in everything and anything we place in front of him, Rambo isn’t always too sure.

So far, we’ve attempted seven DIY Brain Games for Dogs; with the Carrot Snaffle, Paper & Treats, Pringle’s Tube and Treat Towel Game not gaining much success with Rambo often holding back and waiting for Oscar to do all the work instead. 

While the Cupcake Case, Box of Treats and Treat Ball games have sparked at least some interest with Rambo actually getting involved… even if it was just a little. 

However, with today’s DIY Brain Game for Dogs, I was convinced this would be the game that would help even the score. After all, Rambo LOVES tennis balls – he’s obsessed, and it’s the one toy in the world he will actively be more boisterous than Oscar if that was even possible.

So with the Tennis Ball Rattle Game for Dogs, I was sure I had this one in the bag! 

What do you need for The Tennis Ball Rattle Game?

  1. An old tennis ball
  2. Some deliciously tasty Bounce and Bella treats.

How to Play the Tennis Ball Rattle Game for Dogs.

  1. Grab your tennis ball and make an opening in it.
  2. Through the opening add the treats and give it a rattle
  3. After a rattle and once you’ve got your dog’s attention throw the ball and let them get to work! 

Lessons Learned?

Although this game definitely got the boys excited, neither successfully got the treats and instead focused on playing with the ball. 

If we were to try this again, I’d probably create a larger opening or a circular opening so the treats would have a better chance of falling out or the boys getting them out. 

However, even though this game was not a roaring success as I’d hoped for – at least for Rambo – it was still lovely to see both boys get all excited and end up ignoring the ball altogether and opting to play with one another. 

Will you be trying the Tennis Ball Rattle Brain Game for Dogs?

Are you ready to give it a go?

Let us know in the comments how you got on!

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