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Gorgeous assistance dog under the cherry blossom

Assistance Dogs – a Pet Parent’s Story

Assistance Dogs I have always had dogs, they’ve been an important part of my life, my two daughters grew up with our first Labrador, Bella, who I always say looked after us as much as we cared for her! Two adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniels followed her, sweet gentle little souls and when they passed …

live with Milne & mutt dog training: scent training

Live with Milne & Mutt Dog Training: Scent Training

Ever since we first wrote about our dog’s sense of smell, we’ve been fascinated to find out more about how powerful their sense of smell is. How we as Pet Parents can help our dogs hone in this skill and what activities we can work on with them too.  This is why we teamed up …

live with Wood Green animals charity

Live with Wood Green The Animals Charity for Black Dog Day

When we started our series of Instagram Lives, one of our biggest aims was to raise awareness about a variety of issues that dogs and Pet Parents face. Whether that be behavioural, training related or in our latest Instagram live’s case, adopting and fostering.  October 1st is Black Dog Day and sadly, it appears that …

common mistakes when training your dog

Top 5 Common Mistakes When Training Your Dog

As Pet Parents, we’re always trying to do the right thing for our dogs and be the leader they deserve. But it’s not always easy, and things don’t always work out how we envision when we first brought our furry bundle of joys home.  Every dog is different, and training them is never going to …

Puppy Mill Awareness Day with K9ology

Live with K9ology – Puppy Mill Awareness Day and Rescue Dogs

We’re back with another Instagram Live, and on Friday we went live with Caroline from K9ology to discuss Puppy Mill Awareness Day and training rescue dogs.  Caroline is an IMDT accredited trainer who, as well as being an experienced trainer, has dogs of her own that have been rescued with a suspected history of being …

positive reinforcement training Oscar

Positive Reinforcement Training: Four Months On

It’s been four months since Pet Parent Hannah, first wrote about her experiences of positive reinforcement training with her two Jack Russell pups, Rambo and Oscar.  Positive Reinforcement Training: 4 Months On It’s been four months since I first starting using positive reinforcement training, and since it’s been a while, I thought it would be …

Positive Training Techniques with HelpWithHounds

Positive Training Techniques: Live with HelpWithHounds

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you 😀 With another month, this means another Instagram Live. This month, we were excited to meet with Matt from HelpWithHounds to discuss positive training techniques and Matt’s speciality as a KAD trainer.  Matt is a dog trainer and behaviouralist and is a member of the institute of modern dog …

pet parent stories: Kate & Bilbo

Pet Parent Stories: Kate & Bilbo

Pet Parent Stories: Kate & Bilbo At Bounce and Bella, our community of Pet Parents is at the heart of everything that we do because we’re pet parents too and know how confusing and vague the pet industry can be. So, if we can help by providing information and support for our community, then that’s …

Bath and Bristol Agility

Live with Bristol & Bath Agility

Hello, lovely Pet Parents, you 😀 With the Olympics arriving, it got us thinking about dogs, the sports they can play, and what their Olympic equivalent would be as well.  It wasn’t hard, but we eventually concluded that agility training and events such as Crufts would be the equivalent of the Olympics in the dog …