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Hello, lovely Pet Parents, you 😀

With the Olympics arriving, it got us thinking about dogs, the sports they can play, and what their Olympic equivalent would be as well. 

It wasn’t hard, but we eventually concluded that agility training and events such as Crufts would be the equivalent of the Olympics in the dog world. 

So, to celebrate the Olympics with a dog-related twist, we met up with Abi from Bristol & Bath Agility for an Instagram Live to discuss everything to do with agility training. What it is and what it involves the benefits and we even got a little demonstration too! 

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Live with Bristol & Bath Agility

We were excited to work with Abi to share with all you lovely Pet Parents the joys of agility training as Abi is not only a qualified Agility Trainer but a Champion in the sport too. Having competed at Crufts, UKAgility and has represented Great Britain at the IFCS World Agility Championships twice! 

As always, we’ve saved the Live as an IGTV which can be found on our Instagram here. But we’ve also uploaded it onto our Youtube Channel, where you can find all our previous lives and a selection of our happiness games for dogs too. 

Have you been inspired to try agility training with your pup? Why not check out Abi’s at home online foundation course to get you started? 

If there is a doggy expert you’d like us to connect with or a topic you’d like us to focus on in future lives, let us know or pop us an email at

Want to try the treats that Abi recommends for training her dogs? Check out our venison nibbles here and if you’re a first-time customer, check out our limited one-time offer of 50% off!

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