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Discount for Dog Professionals

Are you a Dog Professional and want a Discount?


Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!

If you’re a dog professional that regularly uses or sells dog treats we’ve created the perfect offer for you…

Boxes of 16 packs of 500g Grain Free Ultimate Poultry Treats for Dogs… £99.99

Boxes of 16 packs of 500g Grain Free Ultimate Fish Treats for Dogs… £99.99

Which means £6.24 per pack compared to the usual £10.99 per pack Plus delivery is FREE and VAT is included.

Actually those prices are available to anyone, but the minimum order is either 16 packs of poultry or 16 packs of fish – it’s only because of the bulk amounts that the pricing is at all possible.

You can find the offer here:


However ONLY for Dog Professionals…

But for dog professionals ONLY, we’re offering a further 20% off.

Whether you’re a trainer, walker, breeder, groomer, whatever kind of dog professional you are you can get that extra 20% off.

You’ll just need to sign up for it, letting us know what kind of dog professional you are.

20% off the special 16 packs means £5 per pack (incl. vat) compared to the usual £10.99 per pack.

To learn more about how to sign up go to the following page:


If you wondered…

We’re selling these at just about breakeven to professionals in the hope that you share how good they are with your clients and over the longer term it becomes worthwhile for us to do so.

Whenever you can let your clients know about the ‘Ultimate Training Treats’ from Bounce and Bella you’ll be helping us hugely, so a big, big – Thank You! – in advance from Andy, Lucy and I.

Any questions just let us know.


Have yourself a lovely weekend,

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