Rambo and Oscar, two jack Russell terriers standing next to a bag of grain-free dog food
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Rambo and Oscar: Switching Over to Grain-Free Food

Hello! Wonderful Pet Parents! It’s great to be back on the blog, and don’t worry, I’m not taking over, and Darren will be back with his regular blog posts shortly.  If you don’t know me already, I’m Hannah. I’ve been working at Bounce and Bella for almost a year now – time flies when you’re …

Rambo, a white and tan jack Russell terrier that suffers from hay fever.

Hay Fever In Dogs

Hello, again, Wonderful Pet Parents!  It’s been a while since I last took over the blog, but this week, I decided to step away from my customer service desk to write this post all about hay fever in dogs!  I know, you’re probably thinking ‘hay fever in dogs? Does that even happen?’ I know that …

Hug A Dog Day: Dog Hugger Bronze Award Feature Photo. A man hugging his bull dog.
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Dog Hugger Bronze Award

Tomorrow is Hug a Dog Day! (who knew?) Be sure to give your dog a lovely warm, heartfelt hug from all of us at Bounce and Bella. If you’ve done that – well done – you achieved the Dog Hugger Bronze Award (who knew too?). Ahh… That’s lovely… and may be enough for many of …

A black dog standing outside playing catch. Taken mid catch, the dog's mouth is open and eyes focused on the treat.

Playing Catch: Level Two

Oooh, so you think your dog is ready for Level Two? You got big dreams? Well, being awesome at Playing Catch costs and right here’s where you start paying… in sweat! I hope you kept scrolling because I may have got a bit over-excited there and accidentally quoted the Eighties’ superhit TV show ‘Fame’. It’s …

Sebastian, a Black and White Miniature Schnauzer in the Garden playing catch with a treat.

Playing Catch: Level One

Such a lot of fun from such a simple game. This focus game is called ‘Playing Catch’ because it doesn’t really matter if your dog catches the treats or not – it’s really just playing the game that’s important. Why is that? That’s because whether they catch or not, what we’re doing is grabbing their …

Tipsy Feature Photo For Wee Dafty Dog Day. Old Photograph of a Jack Russell
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Wee Dafty Dog Day Competition

*Competition Closed 16th April 2021. Congratulations to our Winner Wilbur!* Wee Dafty Dog Day – Here at Last! Hurrah! Today is Wee Dafty Dog Day! via GIPHY I bet you never thought the day would arrive, but at last, it’s finally here. Perhaps you’re in the tiny, tiny, utterly small minority of people in the …

Roscoe's The Eyes Have It Part Two Feature Image.

The Eyes Have It: Part Two

We need to earn our dog’s focus now – so we can ask for it when we need it. How do you know when your dog is focused on you? When they’re looking, you bang in the eyes – the eyes have it! via GIPHY If you haven’t tried out The Eyes Have It Part …

The Eye's Have It Feature Photo: Roscoe Lying on the Carpet with a Toy In Front of Him

The Eyes Have It: Part One

John Bercow became worldwide famous during the Brexit debates. Whatever you thought about him, he was ALWAYS right about one thing (although his spelling was off …) via GIPHY In terms of relationship and training, one of the most important things our dogs can give us is their focus. How do you know if your …

Maddison Husband Feature Photo: a man with his back to the camera standing in a field with his dog.
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Bounce and Bella: Maddison’s Husband Sale

Hello you lovely Pet Parent you. 😊 Two wonderful things have happened.. Awesome thing #1 – We’re (mostly) back in stock – YAY! Awesome thing #2 – Maddison’s review starring her husband. And we’re celebrating with a sale on grain-free training treats (including the multipacks!). Maddison’s Review Here’s a screenshot of Maddison’s review. It’s for …

Did You Say Yes? Feature Photo with a smiling Golden Retriever.
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Did You Say Yes?

Hello, you Lovely Pet Parent you 🙂 I’ve got three questions for you… take your time and answer them out loud or in your head; it’s up to you (But if you’re reading this in a public place, I recommend out loud, particularly if you enjoy people staring at you then backing away slowly). Here …