fun things to try with your dog: dog carrying toys

7 Fun Things to Try With Your Dog

Since writing our activities to do with your dog in autumn, we’ve come up with a list of more fun things to do with your dog outside of autumn and the possible adventures you and your pup could embark on! Spending time with our dogs is paramount, not only for their physical, mental and emotional …

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When Subscriptions go Wrong! (and right)

Add Your Message Here… Hello, you wonderful pet parent you 😀 Did I forget to add the title to this email? Add Your Message Here… ??? What’s that all about? Well, let me tell you… The flower supply dried up… The ever lovely Gill and I have been together for plenty of years, and I …

New Team Member Charlie, holding his dachshund Elvis.

Pet Parent Stories: Charlie & Elvis

At Bounce and Bella, our community of Pet Parents are at the heart of everything we do, which is why we love hearing from our pet parents and finding out about their journey becoming pet parents. What’s even more exciting is that not every pet parents story is the same, and the journey is never …

We're in the Guardian
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We’re in ‘The Guardian’ but which?

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you! 😊 It’s not often we get to toot our own horn, but today we’re going full blast! We’ve made it into the Guardian! Alright, it’s the Lancaster Guardian. Not its massive sibling, The (Manchester) Guardian, but for us, it’s nearly as good. Because for Andy and I, it’s our …

signs your dog may have a food allergy

Signs Your Dog May Have a Food Allergy

Food allergies in dogs are more common than you’d think. Ranging from grain and gluten, just like humans, to even chicken, poultry, fish or beef! Food allergies in dogs can appear in various ways, and although many of us pet parents would like to believe our dogs have stomachs like Scooby-Doo – it simply isn’t …

live with Milne & mutt dog training: scent training

Live with Milne & Mutt Dog Training: Scent Training

Ever since we first wrote about our dog’s sense of smell, we’ve been fascinated to find out more about how powerful their sense of smell is. How we as Pet Parents can help our dogs hone in this skill and what activities we can work on with them too.  This is why we teamed up …

things your dog shouldn't eat

7 Things Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

As Pet Parents, we’re always looking to do best for our dogs; after all, it’s our main role as their Pet Parents. But sometimes, it can be confusing as there is so much conflicting advice and information and opinions that it’s isn’t exactly easy. One of the main things is the constant discussions on what …

live with Wood Green animals charity

Live with Wood Green The Animals Charity for Black Dog Day

When we started our series of Instagram Lives, one of our biggest aims was to raise awareness about a variety of issues that dogs and Pet Parents face. Whether that be behavioural, training related or in our latest Instagram live’s case, adopting and fostering.  October 1st is Black Dog Day and sadly, it appears that …

Autumn Update to Another Crazy Year
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Autumn Update to Another Crazy Year!

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!  It’s the 1st of October today, and it’s definitely autumn now. Like the haulier issue, it held off, held off, held off and arrived all at once. This is a bit of an update on what’s happening now with Bounce and Bella and a couple of quick mentions about …