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Hello, lovely Pet Parents, you 😀 With the Olympics arriving, it got us thinking about dogs, the sports they can play, and what their Olympic equivalent would be as well.  It wasn’t hard, but we eventually concluded that agility training and events such as Crufts would be the equivalent of the Olympics in the dog …

cookie addiction anyone?
Competitions & Offers

Cookie Addiction Anyone?

I’m loving the Olympics so far. Tom Pidcock winning the mountain biking gold has been the highlight for me (or Tim Podcock as the commentators called him). That’s the competition I’d join if I could. Cookie Addiction Anyone? Unfortunately, my age, lack of talent and a debilitating cookie addiction would see me still struggling to …

sports to play with your dog, dog and tennis ball

Sports to Play with Your Dog

The Olympics have offically begun, and many of us will be spending some of our days watching various Olympians compete in a wide variety of sports for the opportunity to win a medal for their country. But even with the excitement of the Olympics, at Bounce and Bella, we couldn’t help but start to wonder …

Separation Anxiety in Dogs and A Dog Called Today

Separation Anxiety in Dogs and How To Help

Did you know that separation anxiety in dogs was a thing? Like humans, dogs can experience anxiety, and for a myriad of reasons, and as Pet Parents, it’s our job to identify those reasons and help out dogs deal with their anxiety.  Now, after over a year of most of us being at home and …

Are You ready to Enter the Olympics: Dog jumping though an agility hoop
Competitions & Offers

Are You Ready to Enter the Olympics?

Are You Ready to Enter the Olympics? Have you ever found yourself up at 1am staring at a screen willing a woman from the Solomon Islands (and the only member of the entire Solomon Islands team) to lift her next set of weights – praying that she gets that bronze medal? That is the wondrous …

Cake Tin Clatter and Treats

The Cake Tin Clatter – DIY Brain Games for Dogs

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!  With all our DIY Brain Games for Dogs, the main purpose is to provide some entertainment for your four-legged friend that will not only keep them active but engage their mind as well. We already host a variety of different games, from games that you only need 5 seconds …

senior dog on a senior dog food diet lying in the grass

When You Should Put Your Senior Dog on a Senior Dog Food Diet

As Pet Parents, we’re probably more conscious than most of what we’re feeding our dogs when we’re feeding them and even how we’re feeding them. After all, we want to ensure that our beloved four-legged friends receive the best and want to make sure that they stay strong, healthy and happy too.  Often these thoughts …

Is raw feeding really that complicated feature photo.
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Is Raw Feeding Really that Complicated?

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you 😊 Is Raw Feeding Really That Complicated? Our next big release is raw food. It’s a biggie for us as it’s the ultimate no nasties product.  We’ve found a small award-winning raw meat producer in the UK that has over 100 years of expertise in the dog food industry …

Box of Treats Game featuring an empty cardboard box and a packet of treats.

Box of Treats Game – DIY Brain Games for Dogs

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!  We love super easy, super quick, super simple, and super fun DIY Happiness Games for dogs, especially if they help improve your dog’s confidence and the Box of Treats does just that.  When your dog is lacking in confidence, it shows in how reactive they are to other dogs …

why play is important for dogs feature photo of a jack Russell playing with a ball

Why Play is Important for Dogs

Sometimes as Pet Parents, it can be easy to lose ourselves in training, reading the various articles relating to canine health or becoming too focused on daily walks and practising recall that we forget one of the most important things we can do with our dogs. Play! We all know that play can be incredibly …