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New Beef Trachea Multipacks…

New Beef Trachea Multipacks…


Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!

Because of the success of last week’s ‘Chicken Breast Pieces Multipack’ discount – I’ve got another tasting platter turned multipack offer for you…

It’s the awesome trachea chews.

They are one of the best natural chews around because on top of the natural dental and calming benefits they’re:

  • Great for joints (because of the glucosamine and chondroitin).
  • Great for skin and coat (because of the collagen).
  • And to top it off they’re high in protein and low in fat – perfect!

Like last week we’re offering them at a cheeky 10% discount if you decide to buy some over the weekend…

However – this week I’ve already discounted them for you.

You just need to pop them in your basket and you’re all sorted…


Here’s how to get your discount…

How do you get your 10% discount?

  1. Go to Bounce and Bella:
  2. Add to Basket
  3. That’s it! (They’re already discounted)

Don’t hang around – we don’t hold a lot of tasting platter stock.

Have yourself a lovely weekend!

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