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Gorgeous assistance dog under the cherry blossom

Assistance Dogs – a Pet Parent’s Story

Assistance Dogs I have always had dogs, they’ve been an important part of my life, my two daughters grew up with our first Labrador, Bella, who I always say looked after us as much as we cared for her! Two adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniels followed her, sweet gentle little souls and when they passed …

How To Keep Your Dog Active Inside During Winter

How To Keep Your Dog Active Inside During Winter

In winter, as pet parents, we not only have to contend with darker mornings and earlier evenings, colder temperatures, and often having to change up our walking routes or routines with our dogs. Sometimes, we even have to cancel a walk altogether as it isn’t possible or safe to do so due to the weather.  …

Don't Keep Santa Paws Waiting
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Don’t Keep Santa Paws Waiting…

I can’t quite hear Rudolph’s sleigh bells ringing yet, but Christmas is definitely on its way. Of all the Christmases in all the world and in all the years, I’m going full Mystic Meg and predicting this one is the most likely to be fraught with stress… Slow deliveries – not enough courier drivers. Missing …

walking your dog in winter

Top Tips For Walking Your Dog in Winter

As winter draws nearer, many of us pet parents are already considering the changes we’ll be making to our daily routines, including how we walk our dogs.  After all, with the darker nights, colder weather that often leads to freezing temperatures and the likelihood of snow and ice, it’s important to consider how we walk …

10 tips to help your dog on fireworks night

10 Tips To Help Your Dog on Fireworks Night

Whenever it’s fireworks night, we pet parents know that it’s often not just for one night but for a few nights after, which means that this can be a distressing time for our beloved pups. We’ve previously written on how to help prepare your dog for bonfire night, and following our conversation with the CityDogExpert, …

How to Prepare Your Dog For Bonfire Night

How To Prepare Your Dog For Bonfire Night

As Bonfire Night approaches, many pet parents are faced with the dilemma of attempting to figure out how best to prepare their dog for bonfire night.  With the anticipation of not only bonfire night being filled with loud bangs of the fireworks but often the nights leading up to it as well, it can be …

fireworks are coming
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The Fireworks are Coming!

Maybe it’s because all the focus is on Halloween, or maybe it’s because Bonfire night is at the beginning of the month, but November the 5th has a habit of creeping up on me. One evening you’re distributing sweeties to the local ghosts and ghouls, and the very next night, some little monster down the …

fun things to try with your dog: dog carrying toys

7 Fun Things to Try With Your Dog

Since writing our activities to do with your dog in autumn, we’ve come up with a list of more fun things to do with your dog outside of autumn and the possible adventures you and your pup could embark on! Spending time with our dogs is paramount, not only for their physical, mental and emotional …

We're in the Guardian
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We’re in ‘The Guardian’ but which?

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you! 😊 It’s not often we get to toot our own horn, but today we’re going full blast! We’ve made it into the Guardian! Alright, it’s the Lancaster Guardian. Not its massive sibling, The (Manchester) Guardian, but for us, it’s nearly as good. Because for Andy and I, it’s our …