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Super Size Me…

Super Size Me…


Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!


Do you remember the American documentary ‘Super Size Me’?

The filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock, ate nothing but McDonalds for 30 days.

He supersized himself, gaining 24 pounds in weight in a month.

Much of the documentary hammered home the health risks associated with obesity and poor eating habits.

Of course, most of us already knew how unhealthy McD’s was but Spurlock’s documentary highlighted it with utter clarity.


McD’s Dog Food

Current Big Brand dog food is the canine equivalent of McD’s.

What happened to Spurlock is what grain does to our dogs.

Unfortunately it’s much more subtle and difficult for us to see because the effects work more slowly over time.

Our dogs gain weight gradually so we don’t see the changes from day to day.

Often the first thing we know about the problem is our vet telling us our lovely dog needs to lose weight – or worse – they’ve already developed a weight-related problem like diabetes.

‘Grain with Meat’

Last week’s Weasel Words product ‘Chicken and Country Vegetables’ is made with 55% cereals.

Clearly the use of grain is being hidden – otherwise why not call it ‘Grain with Meat’.

Why hide the fact it’s made from 55% grain?

There’s plenty of problems associated with giving grain to dogs ranging from digestive troubles to non-stop itching.

However, as shown in ‘Super Size Me’ obesity can lead to some of the worst problems.


Grain ends up as fat

Grain is a fast release carbohydrate which means it gets turned into sugars quickly. 

If the sugars are not quickly used up by the body (exercise) the body turns them into fats.

Grain ends up as fat.

In dogs, excessive weight – or obesity – can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, respiratory disease, kidney disease, cancer, osteoarthritis and a decreased life expectancy.

As you know, you can avoid hidden grain by reading ingredients and avoiding cereals, wheat, maize and grains by other names.


I was reminded last week that I’m mostly preaching to the converted but from time to time  it’s good to get a little reminder of what you, me and all of us do for our dogs and give ourselves a cheeky pat on the back for it.

If our dogs could thank us they would,



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