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Hot, Hot, Hot Dogs…

Hot, Hot, Hot Dogs…


Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!

It’s hot and due to get hotter this week so just a few quick warm weather tips…

  • Walk you dog when it’s cooler – early morning or later in the evening.

  • If it becomes very hot you can give them a day off the walk – you’ll get whinged at but better safe.

  • This is particularly true for older, unwell, unfit, and flat-face dogs. They are all at increased risk of heatstroke.

  • Exercise and resultant overheating is the most common trigger for heat-related illnesses.

  • Do be particularly aware of their water bowls and make sure they stay well filled.

  • If you’ve got time, you could even fix them up a doggie ice lolly…

Here’s a really easy one  courtesy of Battersea and all you’ll need is:

1 apple
1 carrot
300ml water
Meaty treat stick
Cup for a mould

Here’s how to make it:

Look after yourselves,


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