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Today’s Special Please…

Today’s Special Please…


Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!

Roscoe is a fussy fella. For the last five years or so he’s been doing the doggie equivalent of living above a sweet shop.

Which means he knows he can pick and choose what he wants… and he does.

I constantly marvel at his incredible patience and will power. He’ll just wait us out until eventually we cave.

Whether that’s the last bit of food from our plate or his favourite treat.

“Not that treat… nope. That’s staying on the floor. My favourite, you know which one I mean… I’ll wait.”


Brand new range of luxury food

Bounce and Bella’s no nasties mission started because of a kind of enforced fussiness – we refused to tolerate grain.

I mention this because we’re very very aware that lots of dogs have come to our food from one form of fussiness or another.

Quite rightly a few people have been in touch worried that we’re going to change the current food recipe.

That’s not going to happen.

The original Bounce and Bella food will remain exactly as is.

What we’re introducing is a brand new range of luxury food.

That being said, we do think we’ve helped create a food that even the fussiest of dogs will utterly love…


Restaurant Quality Food for Dogs

I might be getting a bit excitable but I think this is proper restaurant quality food for dogs.

It will be more expensive but the taste and quality of ingredients is absolutely second to none and it wouldn’t look out of place in the classiest of restaurants…

Today’s Special

Freshly prepared, slow-cooked Scottish salmon naturally preserved in rosemary, with sweet potato & fava beans, accompanied with a delicious blend of dill, spinach, fennel, asparagus and tomato with a hint of olive.


Want to ask the waiter about the dish?

All menu options now include 65% meat and in each case the freshly prepared meat is sourced from smaller British farms to ensure premium quality.

The salmon is Scottish, the lamb is grass-fed, the chicken is free-range and the beef is Black Aberdeen Angus.

The salmon is naturally preserved in rosemary before being cooked slowly at low temperature, sealing in nutrients and locking in taste.

We’ve kept the naturally nutritious sweet potatoes from the original range of food but added fava beans.

That’s because fava beans are high in protein, have a truly impressive range of vitamins and minerals and are packed with soluble fibre to help digestion and lower cholesterol levels.

With that in mind we’ve added a superfood blend to each option. Each blend adds a richness of flavour and maximises the available nutrients with every mouthful.

The sustainable Scottish salmon menu option includes a delicious blend of dill, spinach, fennel, asparagus and tomato.

We’ve even added olive extract for its natural antioxidant properties.


It’s all about the quality of ingredients


This brand new luxury range of food is all about exceptional ingredients coming together to create a delicious, nutritious meal for even the fussiest of dogs.

Good chefs say it’s all about the quality of ingredients and that’s what we’ve concentrated on.

If you haven’t already and you fancy testing out a few samples, just contact us here and simply say ‘luxury samples please’. Lucy will pop you on our list and you’ll be notified first when they arrive in stock.

As ever, have yourself the loveliest of weekends,



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