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Why a grain free diet is better for your dog this autumn

Why a grain free diet is better for your dog this autumn

As the summer draws to a close and the cooler nights start drawing in, it’s not just ourselves we need to take care of. Our furry friends also need the best healthy dog treats in order to stay happy and full of energy.

There are a few benefits of grain free treats for the dog in your life, especially as the seasons change.

More energy

Grain-free dog food is usually higher in protein with fewer carbohydrates, meaning they’ll feel fuller for longer, and have more energy to boot.

This is especially useful for colder days when you need to venture out for walks and don’t want your pooch to lack halfway along. It also means they won’t be inclined to eat as much, keeping them at a healthy weight.

Fuelling your pet with a grain free food will help to store much-needed energy for exercise, and for keeping warm, too. More energy not only keeps your dog out of a mid-day slump, but it also means they’re likely to be more enthusiastic about going out for said walk, no matter the weather!

Healthy skin and coat

Many grain free dog treats are packed with vital vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E. Vitamin E benefits for dogs range from internal factors to external, such as a super glossy coat and healthy skin.

Dogs can’t always tell us when their skin is irritating them, but we can see when they need a little extra TLC from the condition of their coat. Vitamins found in grain-free food mean a soft, smooth and glossy mane, and nourished skin, just what they need ahead of the cold months when the change in temperature and increase in central heating is likely to accelerate skin drying. They can’t use moisturiser like us!

Increases concentration

A healthy diet helps increase concentration in pets, as it does in animals. With grain free treats, your dog can have a healthy body and a healthy mind to boot.

This means a better-behaved pooch, which can lead to better training. Dogs need to be at the height of their concentration as we head into Autumn – if they’re being trained when it’s colder, they may get easily bored.

The best treats for clicker training are those high in protein, such as fish and poultry. These are widely known to benefit larger dogs, too, such as the best dog treats for training German Shepherds.

For more on how to train a dog with treats, as well as positive reinforcement dog training tips, check out the rest of our blog, but in the meantime, keep on reading.

May reduce allergies

Just like us, dogs can also suffer from food allergies and intolerances. If you feel your pet is becoming slightly sluggish or becoming unwell soon after eating, it’s a good idea to try a grain-free diet to see if it improves. Again, ensuring your pooch is at optimum health when the Autumn comes may help reduce them picking up any nasty bugs come winter time.

Treats for dogs on a diet such as the grain free variety don’t have to be boring either, there’s plenty to choose from so your dog doesn’t get tired of the same dishes (just as we would!).

For more on the best dog training treats and grain free dog treats UK dogs love, explore the blog or check out the full range.

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What should I feed my Husky? | Learn the basics

injun snow dog by jack berry cc4

What should I feed my Husky? | Learn the basics

Huskies are athletic by nature. Therefore, their dietary needs are different from the majority of dogs. If you’re having a hard time choosing the best dog food for huskies, you are not alone! It is a difficult task for many dog owners.

In terms of feeding, Husky dogs are easy to maintain because they’re not picky eaters.

Many Husky dog owners are tempted to buy the most popular products, which shouldn’t be the case. A brand’s popularity doesn’t guarantee the quality of dog food it produces. Below are some nutritional guidelines you can follow to properly feed your Husky.

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4 reasons why you should put your senior dog on a senior diet!


4 reasons why you should put your senior dog on a senior diet

Unfortunately there are some harsh realities about dealing with an older dog, but they are your family and ideally you want them to be around and healthy for many, many years to come. A good diet and the right treats can help manage the downsides of ageing to ensure that your gorgeous dog goes through their twilight years comfortable and happy.

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