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New Luxury Dog Food is Here!

New Luxury Dog Food is Here!


Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!

There’s been quite a few slips between cups and lips but today’s the day.

If you haven’t ordered any free samples yet, you’ll find them here sat along the now – live and available new luxury food:


New Luxury food

The new Luxury food is all still grain and gluten free and all options now include 65% meat. In each case the freshly prepared meat is sourced from regional British farms to ensure premium quality.

The salmon is Scottish, the lamb is grass-fed, the chicken and turkey are free-range and the beef is Black Aberdeen Angus.

The fresh meats are naturally preserved in rosemary before being cooked slowly at low temperature, sealing in nutrients and locking in taste.

And all are accompanied by delicious vegetables and a blend of superfoods.

New luxury food available here:


Sample Reviews are in…

‘Fussy cockerpoo loved this!’ CB

I must have the fussiest dog in the world and she loved this food! She’s now refusing her non-luxury Bella & bounce!

‘Yummy’ MB

“Our little whippet Eddie loved the lamb. We used them as treats out on our walk and to recall him which he duly did come back for more!! The ingredients look good and gave me ideas for our human Sunday dinner! Eddie says more please!! X”

‘New Food’ LJ

Delicious! Judging by the way Rusty licks his lips!

‘Fantastic’ LF

Both my puppy and 4 year old hoovered these up! They were so good I think they thought they were treats!

15% Off until Midnight Monday

We’ve created a new release offer of 15% Off.

You don’t need to do anything, the new food will get discounted when you reach the payment section.

However the 15% off is only available until Midnight Monday 19th.

Pop along now:

If you have any questions about the food or anything else please do reach out, as always we’re very happy to help,



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