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Ready, Steady, Go! DIY Games for Dogs

Ready, Steady, Go! – DIY Games for Dogs


Hello you lovely pet parent, you!

As with all our games you’re looking for your dog to focus on you before you begin.

However that’s not the main aim of the game.

What we’re looking for is a bit of impulse control.

A game that helps persuade your dog to look at you before hurtling off suddenly when they see a poodle they’ve taken a fancy to.

As ever, lots of praise and enthusiasm – you need to be the fascinating fun center of your dog’s world.



‘Ready, Steady, Go!’ Step by Step – Dog Games for Fun



Here we go …

  1. A game to help give your dog more patience…

  2. Place a few high value treats in a pile on the floor

  3. Use ‘Stay’ with your hand out to try and stop them setting off

  4. Release them with ‘Go!’ and point at the treats…

  5. Next time, say ‘Steady’ then ‘Go!’

  6. Then, ‘Ready, Steady… Go!’




  • Helps your dog control the desire to react immediately

  • Be willing to go back one or two places so your dog keeps winning

  • If they look like their going to break for the treats – quickly say ‘Go’ – they’ll associate the word with the action

Thank you

Thank you to Lunar @lunar_thelabrador for being this week’s assistant of awesomeness.

You can see more of her here:




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