Black Aberdeen Angus Beef one of the new luxury dog food flavours
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New Luxury Dog Food Release Date

New Luxury Dog Food Release Date…


Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!


We stocked up on absolutely loads of samples of the new luxury food but still we ran out!

Thank you to everyone who ordered – I hope they went down well 😃


If your dog tried them – if you can let us know with a quick review that would really help us.

We need to gauge how much of the food to stock up with because we’re just one week from the release date!!!

It’s next week…  Friday 16th September

Which I know is a relief to Sandy and Chas the Afghan who is “threatening a hunger strike unless he gets his new favourite food”!


If you haven’t ordered samples yet, just pop along to:


The new Luxury food is all still grain and gluten free – we’ll never include grain or gluten in any product – treats or food.

All options now include 65% meat and in each case the freshly prepared meat is sourced from regional British farms to ensure premium quality.

The salmon is Scottish, the lamb is grass-fed, the chicken and turkey are free-range and the beef is Black Aberdeen Angus.

The fresh meats are naturally preserved in rosemary before being cooked slowly at low temperature, sealing in nutrients and locking in taste.

And all are accompanied by delicious vegetables and a blend of superfoods.


If you have any questions about the food or anything else please do reach out, as always we’re very happy to help 😊😊😊


Have a lovely weekend!




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1 month ago

Thanks for sharing. I read many of your blog posts, cool, your blog is very good.