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Kibble Veggie Extras?

Kibble Veggie Extras?


Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!

Maybe it’s the new luxury food samples arriving but we’ve been asked a few times recently about adding veggies to kibble and whether that’s appropriate.

(btw the new luxury samples did sell out but they should be popping back into stock again very shortly.) 


Veggies to kibble?
Yes! The more and varied the better.

Parallel questions…

Raw veggies or cooked?
Always best to cook veg for our dogs as their system struggles to break-down plant cell walls. Cooking partially does that job for them.


Same for puppies?
Yes and even more so. A wide variety of goodies in your puppies bowl means they’re getting used to things that they’ll love for life. They’re templating what they can eat now and will stick to it later – you can help your dog be less fussy later by adding variety now.


Anything else to add to their bowl?
Yes, fruits, fish, meat, anything with plenty of nutrients. Good nutritious leftovers you’ve cooked yourself is all good stuff.


Anything to avoid?
Onions where you can, a few bits as part of a meal is unlikely to affect them but avoid it where you can.
Grapes and raisins.
Avocados probably – the jury is out.
Don’t let them have pips and stones in fruits.


Processed foods – avoid?
Yes, avoid giving your dog ready meal style leftovers as they’re usually higher in sugars, salts and fats than raw ingredients you cook yourself as part of a meal.


Should I adjust the kibble portion size?
That depends entirely on what you’re offering up and how much.
This is where our pet-parenting kicks in.
This isn’t an exact science, the guides on the back of packs are just that – guides.
Use your best judgement, you’re here, so you’re already shopping with your dog’s best interest at heart – you’ve got this.


If you ever have any questions just ask us and we’ll help 😊

Have a lovely day!



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