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Now in Stock – Luxury Dog Food Samples

Now in Stock – Luxury Dog Food Samples


We’ve made it – the Brand New Luxury Dog Food samples are here.

It’s your dog’s chance to try the most healthy and delicious food yet.

The samples are free with only the usual shipping to consider.


Why so Luxury?

All options now include 65% meat and in each case the freshly prepared meat is sourced from regional British farms to ensure premium quality.

The salmon is Scottish, the lamb is grass-fed, the chicken and turkey are free-range and the beef is Black Aberdeen Angus.

The fresh meats are naturally preserved in rosemary before being cooked slowly at low temperature, sealing in nutrients and locking in taste.

We’ve kept the naturally nutritious sweet potatoes from the original range of food but added fava beans.

That’s because fava beans are high in protein, have a truly impressive range of vitamins and minerals and are packed with soluble fibre to help digestion and lower cholesterol levels.

With that in mind we’ve added a superfood blend to each option. Each blend adds a richness of flavour and maximises the available nutrients with every mouthful.

For instance, the sustainable Scottish salmon menu option includes a delicious blend of dill, spinach, fennel, asparagus and tomato.

We’ve even added olive extract for its natural antioxidant properties.

10% off Everything – including Multipacks!

To celebrate we’ve got a 10% off everything offer for you – including multipacks!

As usual if your final total is over £15 you’ll get free shipping.

How to get your 10% off Everything?


  1. Go to the ‘Luxury Dog Food Samples’ page and pick up what you fancy
  2. Find your dog’s favourite goodies and pop them in your basket
  3. At checkout use code Luxurysamples
  4. That’s it!


Don’t hang around as there are only limited supplies of the samples and this offer ends Midnight Monday 5/9/22.

As ever, any questions just let us know.



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