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I’m bunged up – Dry food for dogs… Tips

I’m bunged up… Dry food for dogs… Tips


My lovely partner Gill is a nurse and a couple of months back I was at home full of a cold and feeling sorry for myself.

I was headachy and sinusy and so I texted her to say I was bunged up and asked if she could pick something up for me on the way home.

So I’m sitting, whinging quietly in my chair and I see the car pull up in the driveway and Gill get out.

She’s back later than usual so she must have nipped into the chemist for me – excellent.

Gill walks through the front door and of course has to spend a while stroking and petting a very excited Roscoe.

Then the sitting room door opens and Gill strolls in and throws a packet of Senna at me… the laxative.

“What in the heck is this?”

“You said you were bunged up!”

“Not that bunged up!!!”

First thought…

That’s how health professionals think. 

First thought… bowel movement.

Dogs have an incredibly efficient digestive system. It’s short and gets the job done quickly.

And bowel movement is a good overview on how well they are getting on with their food. 

If much of it is just firing straight through, not enough is being absorbed by your dog’s body. 

Which means they’re probably not getting enough nutrients and more significant problems may be on their way.


Raw Food for Dogs

In our opinion raw is the best diet for dogs because it’s the easiest for them to digest and get the nutrients they need. 

Which means dogs on raw diets are the least likely to suffer from the itching and digestive problems that blight many dogs’ lives.

It is much easier than you think and all the info you need to go for it is based here:



Dry food for dogs… Tips

We’re very much aware that raw simply doesn’t work for everyone’s circumstances.

So when choosing dry food here are the 3 main factors you should consider…


  1. Amount of fresh meat – as mentioned above it’s the easiest ingredient for dogs to digest and get nutrients from. Look for slow and low temp cooking so nutrients aren’t cooked out.

  2. Amount of meat overall – fresh meat is best but second to that comes the overall amount of meat in the food.

  3. A good secondary ingredient – this is where many brands who’ve done well with points 1 and 2 go for the cheaper option and undo their good work.

    a) Avoid Grains (all grains including rice). They’re not digested well (see above) and what is digested is turned quickly into sugars which if not used immediately then gets turned into fat.

    b) Sweet potato works much much better because it’s a slow release carb so there’s less likelihood of quick sugar spikes that get turned into fat. It’s also more easy to digest and soothing on the stomach.


Many of the reviews of our grain free dry food (thank you btw) talk about an easing of itching and digestive issues after moving to our grain free food.

If you’re considering making the move to a new food or if you’ve already seen the benefits for yourself then… we’ve got a 10% off offer on all our food this Bank Holiday weekend.

(If you haven’t already used it, you can use our one-off 20% offer on food with a future purchase – it doesn’t have to be used on your first purchase).


It’s Easy to get your discount

Use Code Bungedup10 for 10% off our dry and raw food.

  1. Just go to the following page: https://shop.bounceandbella.co.uk/collections/dog-food
  1. Choose your food
  1. Click ‘Add to Cart’
  1. At checkout, use code: Bungedup10
  1. That’s it!

As usual, don’t hang around as this offer ends at Midnight Monday 2/5/22

As ever, any questions just let us know.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend!

Just a quick and final mention about the new Pup Points. 
You can get an extra 75 points when you buy any of our food, raw or dry.


Free samples of the food are available if you want your dog to try before you buy.


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