Room for One on Top? Happiness Games for Dogs
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Room for One on Top? Games for Dogs

Room for One on Top? Happiness Games for Dogs


Games for Dogs – Add some variety…

Do you sometimes worry that your dog might be a bit bored and are looking for something to do?

A bored dog is more likely to get into scrapes or shenanigans and create a problem for your relationship.

Today’s game is a simple way to add a bit of variety into your dog’s life.

Something different from the day to day that will liven up their lives, stop them being bored and keep them out of trouble.


‘Room for One on Top?’ – Step by Step – Dog Games for Fun



You can ask for a focus on you before letting them get stuck into the bowls, towels and treats but mostly this game is all about some mental enrichment and a bit of snuffling fun.

  1. An easy game to give your dog a quick brain workout

  2. Pop some treats in a plastic bowl

  3. Cover with an old tea towel

  4. Repeat with other bowls, adding treats to each layer

  5. Turn the bowls upside down

  6. Let your dog enjoy working out how to get their treats




  • Don’t let your dog chew on the towels (obvious but I’m contractually obliged to mention it).
  • Try with plastic beakers instead.

  • Reuse old t-shirts instead of tea towels.

  • If you use dry food this is a good way for your dog to work for their dinner.

  • If your dog lacks confidence, start with just 1 or 2 bowls and build up their confidence as you build up the bowls.

Thank you

Thank you to Riley @the_christie_collies for being this week’s glamorous assistant.

You can see him trying out the game here:





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