Box of Balls Dog Games for Fun
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Box of Balls – Dog Games for Fun

Box of Balls – Dog Games for Fun


Blackbird bubble machine of bread

When I first saw Roscoe trying this game it immediately reminded me of young daftie blackbirds.




This was many years and quite a few houses back. 

Gill had thrown some bits of bread out into our little garden for the birds to go at.

We sat looking through the patio windows hoping something might turn up while we watched.

We were immediately rewarded when a female blackbird landed and began poking around at the bread.

Disappointingly, she flew off as quickly as she landed.



A minute or so later she was back and vigorously shaking the bread she was holding in her beak.

She was forcing the bread apart. It was breaking into smaller, more manageable, eatable pieces.

Then suddenly about 4 or 5 young fledgling blackbirds fell out of the sky, bouncing awkwardly alongside her.

They started copying what she was doing with just four to five percent of the skill.

Bread was flying everywhere.


Whole pieces were going up into the air and landing on surprised siblings, bits were flying over the fence and landing in the neighbour’s daffodils, chunks were hitting the patio windows.

It was a fantastic frenzy of food.

In fact, they created something like a blackbird bubble machine of bread.


It was everywhere.

And it was utterly delightful.

Anyway… this is what I was reminded of when Roscoe tried Box of Balls – he didn’t hang about – balls flew in every which direction… It’s a lot of fun.



‘Box of Balls’ – Step by Step – Dog Games for Fun



You can ask for focus before beginning this game but really this is all about your dog having a marvellous time of it all.

  1. Throw some tasty treats into a small open box

  2. Cover the treats with balls

  3. Wait until your dog looks at you

  4. Say ‘Go’ and let your dog go snuffling into the box firing balls up, down, North, South and wherever else.




  • Try bigger boxes and more balls!

  • Add ‘Ready, Steadyyyyy… Go!’ for more fun.

  • If you use dry food this is a great way for your dog to work for their dinner.

Thank you

Today’s fun and games were brought to you by Luna Little Paws. Thank you Luna!



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