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Local Goodness and Luxury Dog Food

Local Goodness…


Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!


Wow it’s a hottie!

I Hope you and your lovely pooch are coping well. 

The early mornings have stayed cool so far up here so I can nip Roscoe out then but still we’re not overdoing it.

I’ll keep this week’s email short because frankly my brain’s overheating and there’s a solid chance of going full-gobbledygook.

My noggin and I are seasoned to Lancashire’s weather – mild with drizzle – none of this new-fangled hot nonsense.


Actually it’s the regional variances we enjoy in the UK that I’d like to – very briefly – talk about.

That’s because regional differences have led to one of the best features of our new luxury dry dog food.


Local Goodness


We’ve nailed down the provenance of the freshly prepared meats in each food flavour to a small group of specially selected farms in the UK.

And each one is giving us something special because…

The lamb is grass-fed, the chicken is free-range, the turkey is free-range, the salmon is Scottish and the beef is Black Aberdeen Angus.

Which means you know your dog is getting the taste and goodness they deserve with every mouthful.

And you can be proud of buying from Bounce and Bella, a small two-family firm that helps source sustainable British quality.

And it’s coming soon… It shouldn’t be long before your dog gets to test out that quality.


I’m hoping we have some good news with the samples next week.

Fingers crossed.



That’s it from me, I feel the gobbledy approaching. Good luck with the weather and enjoy your weekend!



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