Treat Bowling DIY Games for Dogs
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Treat Bowling – DIY Games for Dogs

Treat Bowling – DIY Games for Dogs


Hello you lovely pet parent, you!

Getting our dogs to recall can be a tricky business, especially if there something darn tooting interesting to check out.

That’s why we need to be the never ending spinning spirit of awesome wonder to our dogs (or at least something approaching).

That way they know if we’re call them back we might just have something even more wonderful than that Poodle’s bum.

So any game that helps with recall is not to be sniffed at (ahem).

That’s why we’re introducing for your excitement and delightment…


‘Treat Bowling’ Step by Step – Dog Games for Fun



Here we go now…

  1. A lovely way to help develop recall

  2. Best to play in the kitchen or somewhere good and skiddy.

  3. Get your dog’s focus.

  4. Then line up your throw and attempt to bowl or skim the treat along the floor.

  5. Watch your dog chase those treats down!

  6. Call your dog’s name or use a recall word like ‘Here’ to come back to you.




  • This is a good way to easily encourage recall as they come back to you for the good times!

  • If they want to stay where instead of coming back to you try turning slightly so you look like you’ll throw in a different direction.

  • You’re trying to encourage your dog to go after these treats immediately like prey.

  • Try using ‘Ready, Steady, Go!’ as you line up and throw the treat. It’s a good way to introduce ‘Go’.

  • If you don’t use a bowl when feeding this would work well for kibble instead of treats.

Thank you

Thank you to Scarlett @scarlett.the.chow for being this week’s assistant of awesomeness.

You can see more of her here:




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