8 Simple Ways to Help your Dog with Fireworks Night

With Nov 5th weekend coming up, I’ve got a few simple ways you can help your dog with the stresses of fireworks night.


1. Wear them out

If you have the time before it gets too late, try and give them a good run out and wear them out for the day.

If your dog’s full of energy they’re going to be much more reactive to every sound.


2. Avoid the dark.

Get your dog out for toilet duties before it gets dark. Then it’s your best judgement for that final one before bed.


3. No escape

Statistically November 5th is the most likely day for dogs to go missing. Make sure the garden is secure and there’s no way for them to nip out of the house.


4. Earlier feeding time

A stressed dog will refuse to eat. Get dinner time out of the way nice and early.


5. Sounds UP

Whatever you listen to in an evening, get it up nice and loud to try and muffle the sounds from outside. If your other half’s been fancying a rip-roaring action film for a while – tonight’s the night.


6. Be ready with distractions

Grab yourself some chews, a few treats and have your dog’s favourite toys ready. Every toddler’s parent knows the value of distraction – it works.


7. Let your dog find their safe spot

Our dog Roscoe’s safe spots are behind the sofa and under our bed. If he chooses under the bed, we’re not forcing him to stay in the front room with us – let your dog choose their safe spot.


8. Chilled

Get those curtains and blinds shut nice and early. Set up for a cosy night in and be chilled. Your dog will know if you’re stressed and follow your lead.

Nothing’s going to work completely and much is down to where you live – so best of luck this weekend,





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