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Spend over £20 for a FREE bag of poultry training treats

Damn! We’re in a tight spot but…


Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!


This is where we’re at…


Have you ever seen the film ‘Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?’


It’s a Coen brothers film starring an escaped group of prisoners including George Clooney.


They’re constantly getting into apparently terminal scrapes and George always, with an incredibly concerned look on his face, says, “Damn! We’re in a tight spot.”


It stuck in my noggin. Now anytime I have any kind of issue – his is the voice I hear.


This is where we’re at… again.


As just one example… One of our suppliers put some prices up by 40% yesterday.


Not all that needs to be passed on but… “Damn! We’re in a tight spot.”



Savings around the edges…


If we don’t find savings around the edges we have to put prices up to an uncompetitive level.


This is one of the reasons we’ve decided to stop offering free samples.


The samples are now priced at what is still a slight loss for us but nothing like it was before.


Back-handed compliment…


We maybe could have kept on with them but unfortunately they found themselves on some kind of freebie site and people were willing to pay the postage to use them as treats.


A back-handed compliment but that’s not what they meant for and it multiplied the losses unsustainably.



An offer we’ve never done before…


The samples now cost 87p each but even if you’re popping five in your basket to see if your dog will enjoy their new food — it’s still waaaay cheaper than buying a £17.99 2kg bag to try.


By way of an apology to you as a loyal customer and friend to Bounce and Bella we’re doing an offer we’ve never done before…


If you spend over £20 you will get a free bag of our most popular treats – the poultry training treats.



Spend over £20 and get a Free Pack of Poultry Training Treats…


How to claim your free pack of poultry treats?


This won’t happen automatically, we’re confined by our software in what we can do, so this is how to do it…


  1. Pop a pack of Poultry Treats in your basket – ESSENTIAL STEP!
  2. Spend £20 or more on other items
  3. Add code FreePoultry at checkout


That’s it – but be sure to add the Poultry Treats to your basket – as we can’t do it afterwards.

This offer ends Monday 7/11/22 or if the poultry treats run out!


Good luck with the bonfire weekend, I’ve got my fingers crossed for you and yours with the fireworks,





Following our email about how to help your dog on fireworks night, Tracy got in touch with a lovely tip for everyone…
“Apparently RSPCA have teamed up with Classic FM and they will be playing music for dogs so that might be something to try too 😊 “

Thanks Tracy ✨✨✨



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