How To Keep Your Dog Active Inside During Winter

How To Keep Your Dog Active Inside During Winter

In winter, as pet parents, we not only have to contend with darker mornings and earlier evenings, colder temperatures, and often having to change up our walking routes or routines with our dogs. Sometimes, we even have to cancel a walk altogether as it isn’t possible or safe to do so due to the weather. 

However, even if a walk isn’t possible, there are many ways to keep your dog active inside during Winter. 

How To Keep Your Dog Active Inside During Winter

Scent Training
One of the best ways to keep your dog active inside during winter is to lean into their natural abilities, such as their sense of smell, and one way to do that is by scent training

Often people think that scent training has to occur in open fields or a specialist environment, but as Jemma from Milne and Mutt said in a recent Instagram live, this is actually possible from the comfort of your own home. 

Agility Training
Like with scent training, agility training is actually something that can be done at home as well and not just in specialist work areas. 

In July, we spoke to Abi from Bristol and Bath Agility training, who demonstrated some simple agility training techniques you can attempt at home along with the benefits of agility training for dogs. 

DIY Happiness Games for Dogs
We regularly share our own Happiness Games for dogs here on our blog and our Youtube, and this is because they are a great way to keep your dogs active while encouraging independent play. 

Engaging with physical and mental stimuli, DIY Happiness games engage with your dog to encourage them to use and develop their senses in return for a treat or two and keep them active and entertained for a while as well. 

Participate in Active Play
Although many dogs are comfortable and happy keeping themselves entertained, especially if there is more than one dog in the household. 

Getting on the floor yourself and participating in active play with your dog doesn’t just mean having some fun; it also keeps them active and helps you develop your bond with your dog as their pet parent and cater to their needs. 

Sometimes when it’s too cold to go outside, one of the ways to keep your dog active inside during winter is to go overtraining. 

As pet parents, it’s important that we lead our dogs. While inside, it is the perfect opportunity to keep your dog active and engage their minds while going overtraining and potentially learn some new tricks and training techniques.

Online Dog Classes
With the pandemic, many dog trainers moved their services online or opened up new courses for pet parents to try with their pups in the comfort of their own homes. 

Although lockdowns have lifted, many trainers still have these courses available online as a way for pet parents to connect with others and learn new skills they may not be able to try in their local area. So why not have a look online and see if there are any online dog classes you can try with your dog to help keep them active while inside for the winter.

What ways will you be keeping your dog active inside during winter? Will you be trying anything from our list?

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