cookie addiction anyone?
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Cookie Addiction Anyone?

I’m loving the Olympics so far.

Tom Pidcock winning the mountain biking gold has been the highlight for me (or Tim Podcock as the commentators called him).

That’s the competition I’d join if I could.

Cookie Addiction Anyone?

Unfortunately, my age, lack of talent and a debilitating cookie addiction would see me still struggling to finish the course.

Of course, I mostly blame the cookies.

In fact, my lovely partner Gill had to ban me from cookies earlier this year.

She’d spent all day baking all sorts of delicious cookie variations expecting them to last the week.

Until later that night, I came wandering into the front room with a ridiculously big plate full of all the different varieties.

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Gill: “What the heck?”

Me: “It’s a serving platter!”

And Gill never baked them again 😥😱😪

Fortunately, our doggie whitefish and potato cookies are much healthier – although – no less addictive!

As well as being mouth-wateringly tasty, they have a wonderfully high value and satisfying crunch.

But the best thing is they only contain two ingredients – whitefish and potatoes (nothing else at all).

Both ingredients are low fat, making the cookies less than 1% fat which means they are perfect for dogs that have to watch their weight (those pups are easy to spot – they tend to rustle up serving platters).

Because potatoes and fish are both tummy soothing and easily digestible, they’re also ideal for dogs who suffer from digestive issues.

So in celebration of the deliciousness of cookies, we’ve got a whopping great 25% offer on them…

How do you get your 25% Off?

It’s Easy…

Use Code Cookies25 for 25% off the whitefish and potato cookies…

1. Just go to Bounce and Bella:

2. Click ‘Add to Cart’

3. At checkout, use code: Cookies25

4. That’s it!

As usual, don’t hang around as this offer ends at Midnight on Monday.

Any questions, just reply to this email, and Hannah or I will get back to you.

Have yourself a wonderfully delicious cookie-crunching weekend,

Last week, you may remember that we hosted an Olympics competition for a chance to win some tasty treats and a place on Bath & Bristol’s online foundation agility course. Well, in true Olympics fashion, we’ve selected our winners across all three of our platforms. 

Our Olympic Winners:

Bronze: Jennifer Williams, whose favourite sport was the Rugby 7s

Silver: Storm_Travelling_Tails from Instagram whose favourite sport was the Gymnastics

Gold: Sue Taylor, whose favourite sport was the Athletics!

Congratulations to all our winners; Hannah will be contacting you all soon for your prizes, and thank you to everyone who took part as well. 

In case you missed our Instagram Live with Abi from Bristol & Bath Agility, then you can check it out on our Youtube Channel here:

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