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Chimichurri and Variety Served Thrice

Hello you lovely, lovely pet parent you! I went to York a couple of weeks back, a three times delayed Birthday weekend from our lockdowns, and we accidentally arrived on Races day.  York is still utterly lovely – of course –  and the racegoers in suits and dresses really brought the place to life… especially …

cookie addiction anyone?
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Cookie Addiction Anyone?

I’m loving the Olympics so far. Tom Pidcock winning the mountain biking gold has been the highlight for me (or Tim Podcock as the commentators called him). That’s the competition I’d join if I could. Cookie Addiction Anyone? Unfortunately, my age, lack of talent and a debilitating cookie addiction would see me still struggling to …

Multipack Monday Sale: A selection of treats that are multipacks being held up against a beige background.
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Multipack Monday Sale!

Hello you wonderful Pet Parent, you! 😀 Because last year’s Black Friday Sale was such a success, we copied it for Prime and slit the sale into two.  The Prime Weekend Sale was all about trying new things at a lovely price.  Multipack Monday Sale is about getting a little of what you know your …

A range of bounce and Bella treats and dog food to celebrate prime weekend sale
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Prime Weekend Sale – STARTS NOW!

The Bounce and Bella Prime Weekend Sale Starts NOW! Hello you lovely Pet Parent, you! 😀 It’s our joint biggest sale of the year, and it’s a lovely way to say a big big big thank you for being with us as we grow our little community of Pet Parents together.  If your dog is …

Marty, a springer spaniel lying on the kitchen floor, his head lifted starting intently at a sprat.
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The World’s Worst Fisherman

The World’s Worst Fisherman I’ve always been a terrible fisherman but the world’s worst?  Well… definitely in the running. I’ve had so many opportunities not to be awful, and yet… via GIPHY As a child, we’d go to the west coast of Scotland with another family, and I had the opportunity every year to go …

Walking on Sunshine: Back in Stock Sale Feature Photo of a long haired dachshund sitting in the sun.
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Walking on Sunshine: Back in Stock Sale

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you! via GIPHY We’re Back in Stock! It’s been a wonderful last week or so. Why’s that? Because not only did UK’s James Newman just win the Eurovision edition of BBC One’s Pointless… We’re back in stock for everything!!! Yay! (apart from pig ear stripes, sprats and treat balls 😞 …

A Selection of Bounce and Bella Grain-Free Treats
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Grain-Free Day Offer!

Hello, you loveliest Pet Parent you! Sorrel & Pizza Many years ago, Gill and I had a gorgeous Belgian Shepherd called Sorrel, who struggled with itching and digestion problems like many dogs.  We never did manage to get a diagnosis. Then just a few years ago, after a pizza for dinner and a few real …