Marty, a springer spaniel lying on the kitchen floor, his head lifted starting intently at a sprat.
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The World’s Worst Fisherman

The World’s Worst Fisherman

I’ve always been a terrible fisherman but the world’s worst? 

Well… definitely in the running.

I’ve had so many opportunities not to be awful, and yet…

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As a child, we’d go to the west coast of Scotland with another family, and I had the opportunity every year to go salmon fishing, yet I’d mostly prefer to go to the beach with the womenfolk of the tribe.

And when I did think I should try and build a bond with my Dad and do the fishing thing, I’d end up just messing around instead of fishing.

Days supposedly spent fishing a particular area just involved me building dens in surrounding woods, creating stone jetties, trying to whittle – anything rather than fish.

I was even persuaded by a friend in school to go on a sports exchange trip to Germany with the fishing team (I don’t think they had enough numbers). I somehow didn’t come bottom thanks to one particularly large fish that confusingly wanted to swim to me rather than away.

Appreciating the fishing abilities in others

A close friend who I’ve known since school days loves trout fishing, and he still tries to drag me out there.

However, he does so now with the understanding that I’ll toddle along mainly for the walk, the scenery, a read and only occasionally try to fish.

It’s probably being terrible at fishing that makes me really appreciate the fishing abilities in others: their knowledge, professionalism, dedication, and the thought they put into it.

Marty, a springer spaniel, sitting nicely as their pet parent gives them a sprat

This is one of the reasons I’m so pleased to have the Sprats back in stock.

They’re fished for properly – with the sustainability of fishing stocks being an absolute priority.

They are also treated respectfully as produce when caught. 

Air-dried naturally over 5 to 7 days so that the flavour and all the nutritional goodness get locked in tight – ready for our dogs to enjoy the smell, the taste and even the satisfying crunch.

They’re also a great treat if you’re looking for specific help:

  • Suitable for puppies from 8 weeks (with a great smell that helps with early at-home recall training)
  • Good for dogs suffering from allergy issues, including itching and digestion (good for the skin and easily digestible).
  • Great for all dogs’ joints, skin and coat (because of the natural Omega 3 oils)

We’ve got a 15% off offer on them from the world’s worst fisherman, whether it’s for the single packs for your dog to try or if they’re already a fan – the multipacks are on offer too!

How do you get your 15% off?

It’s easy!

Use the code Sprats15 for 15% off the Sprats – including multipacks! 

  1. Just go to Bounce and Bella:
  2. Pick out a single or multipack of Sprats.
  3. Click ‘Add to Cart’.
  4. At checkout, use the code: Sprats15.
  5. That’s it!

Beware, this offer ends at Midnight on Monday Night! 

As ever, if you have any questions, then please email us at and Hannah, or I will get back to you. 

Have a lovely weekend!

Thanks again, Marty and Emma, for your gorgeous photos!

If you’re thinking – that pesky Darren, he never discounts the treats we love – well, don’t worry, Prime Day(s) are coming soon! 

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