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cookie addiction anyone?
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Cookie Addiction Anyone?

I’m loving the Olympics so far. Tom Pidcock winning the mountain biking gold has been the highlight for me (or Tim Podcock as the commentators called him). That’s the competition I’d join if I could. Cookie Addiction Anyone? Unfortunately, my age, lack of talent and a debilitating cookie addiction would see me still struggling to …

Marty, a springer spaniel lying on the kitchen floor, his head lifted starting intently at a sprat.
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The World’s Worst Fisherman

The World’s Worst Fisherman I’ve always been a terrible fisherman but the world’s worst?  Well… definitely in the running. I’ve had so many opportunities not to be awful, and yet… via GIPHY As a child, we’d go to the west coast of Scotland with another family, and I had the opportunity every year to go …