Multipack Monday Sale: A selection of treats that are multipacks being held up against a beige background.
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Multipack Monday Sale!

Hello you wonderful Pet Parent, you! 😀

Because last year’s Black Friday Sale was such a success, we copied it for Prime and slit the sale into two. 

The Prime Weekend Sale was all about trying new things at a lovely price. 

Multipack Monday Sale is about getting a little of what you know your dog already fancies at an even lovelier price than usual. 

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That means we’ve created a 10% off voucher for the treat multipacks. 

With the Poultry 5 Packs plus ‘PRIME10’ code, you’ll be saving £24.80 on the usual price of 5x £9.99 (£49.95).

With the Beef Stick 5 Packs plus ‘PRIME10’ code, you’ll be saving £9.29 on the usual price of 5x £5.99 (£29.95). 

With the Pure Chicken Nibbles 5 Packs plus ‘PRIME10’, you’ll also be saving £9.29 on the usual price of 5x £5.99 (£29.95). 

How to Use the Discount for Multipack Monday Sale.

Use the code PRIME10 for 10%off all the treat multipacks on the Bounce and Bella Website. 

  1. Just go to the Bounce and Bella Website:
  2. Pick out whatever multipacks that you know your dog loves!
  3. Add them to the cart.
  4. At the checkout, use the code: PRIME10
  5. That’s it!

Prime Weekend Sale & Multipack Monday Sale

We’ve had a few emails asking about combining today’s multipack discounts and the individual items on sale. 

So we’re going to keep the Prime Weekend Sale going as well as the new Multipack Monday Sale discount.

As ever any questions, please email us at,k and either Hannah or I will spring to your assistance.

Have a lovely Multipack Monday!

Remember FedEx Express delivery service is available as a choice at checkout but be aware that it’s not always the default choice. 

It’s just £1.99 when spending over £15, and it’s free when you spend over £35. More details about shipping here:

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