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Hello, you loveliest Pet Parent you!

Sorrel & Pizza

Many years ago, Gill and I had a gorgeous Belgian Shepherd called Sorrel, who struggled with itching and digestion problems like many dogs.

 We never did manage to get a diagnosis.

Then just a few years ago, after a pizza for dinner and a few real ales, I woke in the middle of the night with a belly like a beach ball.

Suddenly my body had rebelled against the grain it had seemingly enjoyed, and I got a first-hand experience of the painful effects grain can cause.

An image of Darren's Dog Sorrel lying in the grass with a toy.

Grain & Big Brands

I try and avoid grain now, but most dogs can’t because grain makes up so much of today’s big brand dog food and treats, and its presence is hidden away from us – only showing up where it legally has to – in the ingredients list.

That’ is why none of our products will ever contain any grain or gluten.

And never will.

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Grain-Free Day

I mention this because Sunday is Grain-Free Day, and because it’s such a big part of how we started and who we are now – we’re highlighting it with an incredible Grain-Free Offer.

Grain-Free Symbol

Roscoe is Grain-Free, doesn’t itch, and fingers crossed has a wonderfully functioning digestive system.

The Offer…

We’re marking Grain-Free Day with a 10% discount on all our tasty Grain-Free food AND single packs of all our treats (because they’re all Grain-Free).

Use Code GrainFree10 for 10% off any of our Grain-Free dog food and single packs of treats:

1. Just go to Bounce and Bella: https://shop.bounceandbella.co.uk/collections/most-popular-products

2. Pick out your dog’s new goodies

3. Add to cart

4. At checkout, use code: GrainFree10

5. That’s it!

NB The offer only lasts until Monday 22nd Feb at 12 Midnight!

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