live with Wood Green animals charity

Live with Wood Green The Animals Charity for Black Dog Day

When we started our series of Instagram Lives, one of our biggest aims was to raise awareness about a variety of issues that dogs and Pet Parents face. Whether that be behavioural, training related or in our latest Instagram live’s case, adopting and fostering. 

October 1st is Black Dog Day and sadly, it appears that rehoming black dogs can take significantly longer in comparison to others. So, to raise awareness of this issue we partnered with Wood Green The Animals Charity to discuss why this is, their own experience rehoming black dogs but also the whole process of adopting and fostering a dog in order to prepare them for their forever home.  

We briefly touch on this subject in our last Instagram live with Caroline from K9ology who is an advocate for rescues but also had a wealth of experience in fostering too. 

Live with Wood Green The Animals Charity

In case you missed the live on Friday, you can watch it back via our Instagram, Youtube and we’ll even link it below. 

It was fascinating to hear from Wood Green and wonderful to hear that although they are based in the South-East they cater to dogs, cats and other small animals all over the country and even abroad too. Providing them with the support and care they need before they find them a forever home. 

We hope that you found our talk with Wood Green as enlightening as we did! 

If you’d like to find out more about Wood Green and how you can help them or for any information on the topics we talked about then check out the links below:

·        Fostering:

·        Sponsorship:

·        Community fundraising:

·        Jazz’s rehoming profile:–1714

·        Pet rehoming registration:

·        Online pet advice:

·        Workshops and classes:

If you think you might be a good choice for Jazz (who has currently been with Wood Green for over 200 days) who was mentioned in the live then check out her profiles and get in touch with Wood Green.

Although we know many of our Pet Parents would happily rehome these dogs, it’s important to ensure they are rehomed with the best pet parent for them who can meet their complex needs.

If you’ve missed any of our other Instagram Lives, then you can find them all here; we’ve spoken about training dogs in the city, the joys of office dogs, agility training, positive training and training rescues too!

We’re already planning our Instagram Lives for 2022 and it’s an exciting time and we’d love to hear from you on what type of lives you’d like to see from us in the future. Would you like us to meet with a trainer to speak about a specific issue? Talk to another charity to raise awareness or perhaps a different type of doggy expert?

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