Puppy Mill Awareness Day with K9ology

Live with K9ology – Puppy Mill Awareness Day and Rescue Dogs

We’re back with another Instagram Live, and on Friday we went live with Caroline from K9ology to discuss Puppy Mill Awareness Day and training rescue dogs. 

Caroline is an IMDT accredited trainer who, as well as being an experienced trainer, has dogs of her own that have been rescued with a suspected history of being in puppy mills. This means that Caroline has a unique understanding of the different needs that rescue dogs have and the importance of meeting those needs and gaining trust to proceed with training. 

Along with training rescues and rescuing them herself, Caroline advocates for fostering dogs from shelters until they can be matched with their perfect pet parent and find their forever home. 

Live with K9ology: Puppy Mill Awareness Day and Rescue Dogs

Unfortunately, we did experience some technical issues as we went into the live, which meant the first ten minutes of Caroline’s introduction to her beautiful dogs was cut. However, if you’d like to find out more about Caroline, then you can via her website here: https://k9ology.co.uk 

We hope that you enjoyed our talk with Caroline and do apologise for the technical issues which meant the first part is missing. 

But has Caroline’s talk made you consider adopting or even fostering a dog?

If you’ve missed any of our other Instagram Lives, you can find them here: we’ve spoken about training dogs in the city, the joys of office dogs, agility training and positive training too. 

If there is a doggy expert or trainer you’d love for us to connect with or a topic then you’d like us to focus on in future Instagram lives then please let us know and pop us an email at darrenc@bounceandbella.co.uk

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