Puppy Mill Awareness Day with K9ology
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Puppy Mill Awareness Day with K9ology


Tomorrow is puppy mill awareness day, and if there was anything that ever needed a bright, bright cleansing light shining on it – it’s puppy mills.

I’m worryingly short of knowledge about this, so I jumped at the chance when Hannah suggested doing an Instagram live about it.

Puppy Mill Awareness Day with K9ology

Caroline from K9ology has her own dogs that have been rescued from puppy mills, and she specialises in helping dogs that have been traumatised in puppy mills or other rescue situations.

As a dog trainer, Caroline offers ‘settling in your rescue’ training and support along with traditional dog training classes to tackle severe barking, anxiety and aggression and how people can handle particular situations with their dogs.

If you want to find out more about puppy mills, how to recognise and avoid them as well as how training rescues can be different – plus – the very real possibility of me breaking the internet using my special technology ineptitude skills, then pop along to our Instagram Live at 10.30am today (Friday 17th Sept).


Caroline and I hope to see you there (I’ll be the one who’s forgotten to comb their hair), but if not, you’ll be able to join us live – you can catch the replay a couple of days later on the blog at https://bounceandbella.co.uk/home.

Have a lovely weekend – we’re running out of sun, so best get out there!


Thank you so much for the beautiful response to our new raw food. It was such a surprise to see how many of you took the plunge.

If you’re still on the fence, have a look at the following blog post because switching to raw is definitely so much easier than you think: https://bounceandbella.co.uk/raw-feeding-easier-than-you-think

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