the carrot snaffle game

The Carrot Snaffle Game – DIY Happiness Games for Dogs

It is a fact universally acknowledged that dogs love carrots. Well, not a 100% guaranteed fact, but it’s true that most dogs do enjoy a good nibble on a carrot top from time to time. 

That’s why this week, we decided to attempt the Carrot Snaffle Game. The Carrot Snaffle Game is a fun game to play with your dog, and it will get them hyped up while giving them some mental stimuli to catch the carrot and be able to eat a delicious treat.

Moreover, it’s another DIY Happiness Game that is super simple, super easy, and you only need two things to recreate it yourself!

What You’ll Need for the Carrot Snaffle Game

  • A Cardboard Box
  • Carrots

How to Create The Carrot Snaffle Game

  1. Grab your cardboard box and make an opening for where your hand will go. Then add holes in the bottom of the box. 
  2. Once you’ve added the holes, lay the box on the ground, grab the carrots, take a seat, call your dog, and let the games begin. 


Depending on how quickly you want your dog to be able to snatch the carrot, make sure you hold on tight; otherwise, the game might be over before it even starts!

Lessons Learned?

As you can see with Hannah trying the carrot snaffle game with her two dogs, Rambo and Oscar, sometimes it’s a good idea to give each dog time and space to give it ago. 

And if your dog really likes a carrot and finds it too easy, like Oscar, to steal it, then using a bigger box to present more of a challenge. 

Will You Be trying the Carrot snaffle?

Are you ready to give it a go?

Let us know in the comments how you got on!

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