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tennis ball rattle diy brain game for dogs

The Tennis Ball Rattle – DIY Brain Games for Dogs

Hello, Pet Parents! We’re back with the Tennis Ball Rattle, another instalment of our DIY Brain Games for dogs series, or as I’d like to refer to it, attempting to find just one brain game for dogs that the Prince – Rambo – will actually partake in!  It’s been a rocky start for sure trying …

The Pringle Tube Game - DIY Brain Games for Dogs

The Pringle Tube Game – DIY Brain Games for Dogs

The Pringle Tube Brain Games for Dogs Hello, you lovely Pet Parents, you. Today we’re back with another DIY Brain Game for dogs, and we’re excited as this one involves a delicious snack for us, hoomans, too.  The Pringle Tube Brain Game for Dogs is a great way to keep your dog’s mind active and …

box of treats level two

Box of Treats Level Two – DIY Happiness Games for Dogs

Hello Pet Parents! Last month we shared the super easy, super quick, super simple and super fun DIY Happiness Game for dogs – the box of treats! This month we’ve challenged Hannah to try this game with her two Jack Russells Rambo and Oscar but we’ve also levelled it up to add another challenge to …

the carrot snaffle game

The Carrot Snaffle Game – DIY Happiness Games for Dogs

It is a fact universally acknowledged that dogs love carrots. Well, not a 100% guaranteed fact, but it’s true that most dogs do enjoy a good nibble on a carrot top from time to time.  That’s why this week, we decided to attempt the Carrot Snaffle Game. The Carrot Snaffle Game is a fun game …

Cake Tin Clatter and Treats

The Cake Tin Clatter – DIY Brain Games for Dogs

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!  With all our DIY Brain Games for Dogs, the main purpose is to provide some entertainment for your four-legged friend that will not only keep them active but engage their mind as well. We already host a variety of different games, from games that you only need 5 seconds …

Box of Treats Game featuring an empty cardboard box and a packet of treats.

Box of Treats Game – DIY Brain Games for Dogs

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!  We love super easy, super quick, super simple, and super fun DIY Happiness Games for dogs, especially if they help improve your dog’s confidence and the Box of Treats does just that.  When your dog is lacking in confidence, it shows in how reactive they are to other dogs …

why play is important for dogs feature photo of a jack Russell playing with a ball

Why Play is Important for Dogs

Sometimes as Pet Parents, it can be easy to lose ourselves in training, reading the various articles relating to canine health or becoming too focused on daily walks and practising recall that we forget one of the most important things we can do with our dogs. Play! We all know that play can be incredibly …

The Treat Ball Puzzle Game: A bag of grain-free poultry treats with two treat balls beside the packets.

Treat Ball Puzzle Game – Happiness Games for Dogs

The thing about being a pet parent, it’s not all about the training and making sure that your dog does as they’re told on command and take them for the occasional walk. It’s also about having fun, bonding with your furry friend and providing them with some metal stimuli too. However, over the past year …

T-Shirt Tug Rope feature image, two dogs playing on the tug rope.

The T-Shirt Tug Toy – DIY Brain Games for Dogs

Hello, you Lovely Pet Parent, you! I don’t know if this sounds familiar, but I’ve got a wardrobe of clothes that I’m supposed to be organising into wearing and not wearing so they can go to charity. It keeps popping into my noggin to do but just as quickly pops back out again. However, what …

Oscar and Rambo, two Jack Russell Terriers, staring up at the Whitefish and Potato Cookies before the Treats and Paper Game

Nose Games: Treats and Paper

We all know how important our dog’s noses are. Their sense of smell is an essential part of who they are, whether that be for work or just everyday life.  Perhaps your dog has an actual job of being a sniffer dog, guide dog, or working for the police. Or like my dogs, who use …