box of treats level two

Box of Treats Level Two – DIY Happiness Games for Dogs

Hello Pet Parents!

Last month we shared the super easy, super quick, super simple and super fun DIY Happiness Game for dogs – the box of treats!

This month we’ve challenged Hannah to try this game with her two Jack Russells Rambo and Oscar but we’ve also levelled it up to add another challenge to get the treats. 

The box of treats game is an excellent way to help your dog find their confidence when interacting with the unknown and new things. As you’ll see in the video, Hannah’s two dogs are very different so don’t react entirely how you’d expect. 

What do you need for the Box of Treats Level Two Game?

  1. An empty cardboard box.
  2. Some paper, newspaper or packaging paper.
  3. Some deliciously tasty Bounce and Bella treats.

How to Play the Box of Treats Level Two Game.

  1. Take your empty box and open it up. 
  2. Place some newspaper or packaging paper inside the box.
  3. Throw in some of your Bounce and Bella treats into the box and give it a shake. 
  4. Leave the box on the ground for your dog and let them do their thing and sniff out the tasty treats and retrieve/eat them. 


Be sure to keep an eye on your dog throughout and clear away afterwards – definitely don’t want them munching on bits of cardboard during or after.

Lessons Learned?

Sometimes if you’re using one box of treats between two dogs, one dog may be more confident than the other so maybe use two boxes instead. 

Will you be trying the Box of Treats Level Two Game?

Are you ready to give it a go?

Let us know in the comments how you got on!

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