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It’s The End!

Do you remember a time when you were stressing and didn’t know it?

Only realising when you looked back or if someone pointed it out?

Grinding your teeth.

Nagging headaches you couldn’t shake.

Exhausted all the time.

The same thoughts spinning round and back around.

Snapping at your munchkins.

Spreading your grumpy cheer for all to fear?


Hannah called me out on it a couple of weeks ago.

I thought I was obsessing but stressing would be accurate too. Obstressing.

I denied it initially, but as we talked, it became apparent that raw food was much more important to me than I’d realised.

It was the end, the pulse-beating, headache-inducing crescendo of a four-year journey Andy and I began back in 2017.

It’s the end!

Years ago, I watched a documentary on Iris Murdoch, the Booker prize-winning author.

The part that stayed with me was an interview with her husband John, who said that she would spend an age on her new book, upstairs hard at work.

She was hardly really present when she was downstairs.

This would go on for months.

Then suddenly, she’d appear and proclaim – it’s done!

It’s the end!

Her relief was clearly the overwhelming emotion.

However, she wasn’t talking about the book.

She was talking about the framework of the book. The structure was in place.

Now she could relax because her route and reasons were clear.

She could begin to enjoy herself building out the vision, furnishing, gilding, layering the scenes and experiences.

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Clearly, the complexities are on an entirely different level.

However, raw food is us completing our framework. 

After four years of learning about the pet food industry, our route is now mapped, and the reasons are clear…

Raw food is both the ultimate no-nasties and the least processed way to feed your dog.

If raw feeding doesn’t suit your circumstances, we’ve tried to provide the best dry food we can for you. With clear ingredients, no grain and including as much fresh meat as we can without rocketing the prices skyward.

The treats are all free of grain and derivatives, with just a few simple ingredients, so you’ll always know exactly what you’re feeding your dog. No hidden nasties.

Everything is now in place for us to enjoy building out our deliciously healthy lineup of treats and food.

There are still plenty (plenty!) of ways we can improve, but the framework is in place to allow us to do that with clarity.

Always keeping to our no-nasties high standards.

And make sure you will always know exactly what you’re feeding your dogs.

Thank you

Thank you for being with us on our journey so far.

For all your comments, thoughts and encouragement.

They were, they are, utterly and completely vital to us knowing the route.

We wouldn’t have reached this point without you.

Not a chance.

You’ve been with us as we struggled to find the Bounce and Bella we wanted to be.

We think next week’s release will get us there.

And we’re hoping it’s the Bounce and Bella you were looking for too.

As always, have your loveliest weekend,


If you’re interested in checking out our raw dog food line for yourself, you can find it all here:

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