The Treat Ball Puzzle Game: A bag of grain-free poultry treats with two treat balls beside the packets.

Treat Ball Puzzle Game – Happiness Games for Dogs

The thing about being a pet parent, it’s not all about the training and making sure that your dog does as they’re told on command and take them for the occasional walk. It’s also about having fun, bonding with your furry friend and providing them with some metal stimuli too.

However, over the past year especially with many of us now working from home, I think a lot of our dogs are wondering if we’re in the house all the time, why aren’t we playing and training with them all the time too? 

But did you know that you provide that fun and stimulus for your pooch without supervision? Even if you’re chained to the dining room table working on your laptop and performing numerous Zoom calls? 

The Treat Ball Puzzle Game

As I mentioned in the Treats and Paper post, Darren has challenged me to attempt some fun brain games with my boys, Rambo and Oscar. In case you haven’t read that post already, check it out as it was a roaring success – well almost. 

However, like many pet parents right now, I work from home and do have a bit of guilt when I’m happy to sit at the table on my laptop for hours rather than playing with the boys. 

So, I thought that to give them some entertainment this week I would grab the old Treat Balls out of the cupboard and put them to use with some of our Grain-Free Fish training treats. 

Preparing Treat Ball Puzzle Game

Now you may be wondering why I keep the treat balls in the cupboard. Well, apart from Rambo’s well-known reputation of destroying any ball he can get his paws on within 0.5 seconds, a treat ball isn’t for normal play. 

Instead, the treat ball is specifically designed to pose a challenge with a tasty reward with your pups. 

  • Grab your treat balls and treats of your choice. Today I’ve chosen our Grain-Free Fish Treats but also offer Poultry for dogs who prefer. 
  • Take your treats and begin slipping them in between the prongs of the ball. 
  • Once treats are in the ball you can release and all your dog to enjoy the challenge and treats while you get a bit of work done.  

Although, when slipping the treats in, be mindful of your dog and their capabilities. For example, Oscar is quite handy at being able to get his tongue anywhere and everywhere, so I always make sure to push the treats as far as they’ll go. 

But Rambo, the Little Prince that he is and doesn’t believe in working too hard for your treats, I mix it up. Some treats are half in and out, some in the middle and the odd one or two as close to the centre as possible. 

Rambo Vs Oscar: Treat Ball Puzzle Game

Another reason why the treat ball is a perfect challenge for your dog? It takes all their focus so they’re focused on the treats and getting them out of the ball, perfect for when the window cleaners are around and minimises any barking. 

Have you tried a Treat Ball Puzzle with your dog? You can find the Treat Balls here:

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