the cupcake case game

The Cupcake Case Game – DIY Happiness Games for Dogs

Hello, all you lovely Pet Parents!

We’ve got a new DIY Happiness Game for Dogs to share with you all, and it’s another very simple, straightforward, but enjoyable game to play with your dogs. 

Let us introduce you to the Cupcake Case Game! Now the Cake Tin Clatter game might have been a little overwhelming for your dogs, so we’ve taken a step back and opted for cupcake cakes instead! Like Kimberly from the CityDogExpert mentioned during her Instagram live with us back in May, it’s alright to take a step back if that’s what your dog needs. 

The cupcake case game challenges your dog to sniff out some treats and then solve the problem of how to get to them, and it’s really simple too.

What do you need for the Cupcake Case Game?

  1. Some cupcake cases.
  2. A selection of deliciously tasty Bounce and Bella treats.

How to Play the Cupcake Case Game.

  1. Grab your cupcake cases and spread them out over the floor; we found that either carpet or a laminate floor works best.
  2. For some of the cases, hide some tasty treats underneath.
  3. Present the cupcake cakes to your dog and let them get their tails wagging and sniffing away to uncover the selection of treats!


Make sure to use cupcake cases that haven’t been previously used – otherwise your dog might decide to eat the case instead of the treats underneath!

Lessons Learned?

If you’re playing this with more than one dog, then it’s best to make sure they have separate cases to tackle and solve before they inevitably swap over and start eating one another treats.

Will you be trying the Cupcake Case Game?

Are you ready to give it a go?

Let us know in the comments how you got on!

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