To Me, To You - Building Recall
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To Me, To You – Building Recall the Chuckle Brothers Way

To Me, To You – Building Recall the Chuckle Brothers Way


The Chuckle Brothers way…


This week is all about unleashing your inner Chuckle Brother (CB) with ‘To Me, To You’ the recall game.

We’ve all got a slapstick CB hidden inside us.

Some more hidden than others.

My inner CB is scarcely hidden at all, in fact if you ask my friends I’m probably more of a parody account.

To In, To Out

I’ve done many accidental CB re-enactments but there’s one I recall in particular.

A few years ago I insisted I needed a new hat for an upcoming cheeky weekend break in Prague.

My partner Gill and I tried a few places but nothing was filling the brief.

Finally we ended up near the posh designer shop at the bottom of town.

Every town has one, you can probably picture it.

It was far too young for me, with niche dance music thumping, and more assistants than customers.

It was the kind you walk into and they give you the ‘long look’, an up and down assessment…

But it was my final hope.


The doors blended with the full length windows and there was a small step just before them.

I strode up to the glass doors, tripped over the step, smashed through the doors and crashed headlong into the shop.

As I hit the floor, the music dropped between tracks and all I could hear were the silent stares of the shop assistants.


I stood up.

Straightened my coat.

Said, “Well, I shan’t be buying anything in here today”.

And turned to go back the way I’d fallen.

Shoulders back, head up, I strode through the now slammed-open glass doors.

Out into the street and away down the road without turning back.

Leaving Gill doubled up in the street laughing.

She found me just round the corner a few minutes later… Beet-red head in hands, and hatless.


‘To Me, To You’ – Step by Steps


Today it’s your turn to release your inner Chuckle Brother, and luckily you won’t need a hat.

The game is a bit of ‘To me, to you’ fun that can really help develop your dog’s recall.

You just need a friend and a bit of space.

  1. Stand a few metres away from a friend and your dog

  2. Call for your dog by their name…

  3. Give them lots and lots of praise

  4. Then your friend calls your dog by their name…

  5. Lots of praise again when they arrive!

  6. And repeat gradually getting further apart…



  • You can also do this by yourself on walks or just from time to time around the house.

  • The more engaged and full of fun you are the more your dog will respond and the more readily they will come back to you in future.

  • Stop before your dog becomes bored so you can end on a high.

  • Always call them to you by their name.

Thank you

Thank you to Jester @citydogexpert for being this week’s lovely assistant.

You can see more of them here:




Watch out for the step next week’s game!


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