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Wishes swam like fishes in my head…

Wishlists & Wishes swam like fishes in my head…


Music serves as bookmarks in our lives. 

Everytime you put on an old song or album it eases you back to a different time.

Images of long gone places accompanied by those former feelings and emotions.

Old memories dance you to their tune.

Funny how our brains work

Jollification by the Lightning Seeds was one of our go-to albums when Gill and I first got together.

A lovely, sparkly album which had a lyric that stuck, ‘Wishes swam like fishes in my head’.

Funny how our brains work, but for me, with that lyric wishes became just a blur away from reality.

It was clear that it’s up to us which fishes we choose to help grow into the now.



If you’ve been to the Bounce and Bella store recently you’ve seen the new wishlist tab on the right hand side of the screen.

You can now use the wishlist to help remind yourself of what you fancy next time you pop along.

It will also help you…

  • Share it via social media or email
  • Save the wishlist across all devices
  • Create a wishlist without logging in
  • And soon… If you share your wishlist you’ll get Pup Point rewards that you can build towards £5, £10 or even £20 Bounce and Bella gift vouchers.

The fish is finally out of my head… We’ve wanted to set up a reward system for you for ages and it’s nearly here.

I was hoping to be able to set it live today but I need to do another week or so of work before it’s ready for you.

Here’s some of what to expect with Bounce and Bella’s ‘Best Bud Club’…


You get Pup Points for… 

  • Every £1 you spend
  • Creating an account (anyone who has already got an account will also get the points)
  • Sharing your purchase on Social Media
  • Following us on Instagram
  • Sharing your wishlist
  • And more…

Refer a Friend…

You get a Bounce and Bella £5 gift voucher when you refer a friend and they make a purchase with us for the first time.


Next Week

I’ll let you know more in next Friday’s email if I can get it up and running in time.

Will I be finished in time?

Find out in next week’s thrilling instalment!

As always, have yourself a lovely, lovely weekend. Get out there and make yourself some wonderful new bookmarks,


Well done to Freja and August for winning last week’s ‘Look of Love’ competition – treats and flowers are on their way!

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