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Boxes of Adventure – Confidence Games for Dogs

Boxes of Adventure – Confidence Games for Dogs


Confidence Games for Dog


Nervous dogs or ones that lack confidence are the most likely to react with barks, snarls and lunges.

So if you can help build their confidence with a game that’s also a bit of fun and something different for them to wrap their brain around – brilliant.

That’s what we have here.

Adventure boxes is a game that encourages dogs to poke their head into things that might otherwise worry them.

And they’re rewarded for being daring and showing a bit of confidence.

But mostly it’s a great way to have a bit of a mess about with a few spare boxes before they go in the recycling.


‘Boxes of Adventure’ – Step by Steps


Gather a few boxes that are, if possible, about shoulder length high to your dog.

Grab yourself some small treats that you can be generous with. Bounce and Bella grain free poultry training treats are ideal.

  1. Scatter treats into a few boxes

  2. Wait for them to focus on you

  3. Say ‘Go’ and let your dog rush to the boxes

  4. Let them struggle for their treats



  • Use whatever Go word you want but stay consistent

  • You may need to hold onto your dog’s collar for a while until they get the hang of waiting for ‘go’

  • Don’t worry if you the miss the boxes as you’ll be building sniffing skills

  • Change it up with different and bigger boxes

  • Great for building confidence in nervous dogs

  • Use smaller boxes if your dog is a bit nervous about reaching into taller boxes

Thank you

Thank you to Milo @the.cockapoo.milo for being this week’s lovely assistant.

You can see more of them here:




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