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Pup Point Rewards

Pup Point Rewards…


Hurrah! It’s done and with exactly 29 minutes to spare before today’s email.

This is the first day of Bounce and Bella’s new Pup Point Rewards – our very own Loyalty scheme.

We have set it up with one main aim… to reward you.

An ongoing Thank You for being part of Bounce and Bella and our mission to bring peace of mind to all pet parents.


We have the ‘20% discount on food’ and the ‘50% off discount’ on treats that everyone can use once.

There are the ‘huge multipack savings’ so when you know what your dog loves you can get bulk discounts.

But this is a bit different – an ongoing thank you with Pup Point Rewards on every purchase – which will quickly add-up to £5, £10 or £20 Bounce and Bella vouchers.


Here’s the overview of how it works…

  1. 5 Pup Points back for every £1 you spend
    (equivalent to 5p back for every £1 you spend OR 5% cashback).

  2. 500 Pup Points can be exchanged for a £5 Bounce and Bella voucher

  3. There are lots of other ways you can get points too…
    Those include opening an account (200 pup points), spending over £80 in one order (200 pup points), buying any kind of food (75 pup points). You can find out more ways to get points here…


When collecting points its easiest to imagine its like 1 point is worth 1p.

So for example, opening an account gets you 200 Pup Points which is the equivalent of 200 pence or £2.


There are other interesting aspects of the Pup Point Rewards, including Referrals. I’ll let you know about them over the next few weeks.

That’s it this morning, have a lovely weekend and don’t forget that next weekend is surrounded by Bank Holidays so get what you need in early,


There may be some disruption on the week beginning 25th April. We’re moving into some brand new premises – more on our on-off-on move in a later email.
So if you can avoid ordering that week without it being a problem for you that would be really helpful.

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