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Box of Tees – Games for Dogs

Box of Tees – Games for Dogs


Decaying T-Shirts

 I wear a t-shirt until it can’t be worn.

Holes, here, there and elsewhere.

Some last better than others.

I’ve still got a cheeky Mambo T-shirt from 1999 proclaiming a new Jesus will be coming in 2000.

How Gill has let me keep hold of that I’ve no idea.

Most clothes are simply disappeared and questions batted back.

‘No, I don’t remember that top.’

‘Are you sure it was you that owned that favourite shirt of yours?’

I still wang on about one particular fav short-sleeved blue and white flecked shirt from the 90s that suddenly disappeared – on reflection it was terrible – but I will NEVER ADMIT IT!


Anyhow, I’m sure there’s a possibility you or your partner has a wardrobe with partially decayed t-shirts or such and such.

If wear and tear means charity’s not an option, here’s a great game to re-use them, clear some cupboard space and give your dog a bit of something different to enrich their day.

Win, Win, Win.


‘Boxes of Tees’ – Step by Step – Games for Dogs



Grab yourself a box, some deliciously healthy Bounce and Bella treats and some old tea towels, t-shirts or similar thin clothing.

It’s a super simple game…

  1. Pop some treats in a small open box

  2. Cover them with a tea towel or tee shirt

  3. Layer it up with more treats and towels

  4. Let your dog enjoy working out how to get their treats




  • I know, I know you know this but I’m saying it anyway – of course don’t let your dog chew on the Tees. Bad for you, bad for them.

  • Try wrapping the treats lightly in the towels or tees to add difficulty.

  • If you use dry food this is a good way for your dog to work for their dinner.

Thank you

Thanks to this week’s glamorous assistant – Barney the Briard!

You can see him trying out the game here…




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