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Pup Point Rewards and How to Get Them

Pup Point Rewards and How to Get Them…


Just a quick email this week because it’s Good Friday and Gill has decided I’m taking the day off – and for my part – I’m happy to take one for the team.

It’s looking like a lovely dog walking day, dry and deliciously warm.

A gorgeous April day so far – hope it is for you too 😎🐶😎

Anyway, because Roscoe and Gill are taking it in turns to harry me along I thought it best to keep it short and snappy…

Pup Points and how to get them…

I’ll just quickly remind you of the ways you can gain your new Pup Points to get Bounce and Bella £5, £10 and £20 Vouchers.

** An easy way to remember what you’re getting is 1 point is worth 1 pence when you turn it into vouchers **

When Buying

  • Place order: 5 points for every £1 spent
    (In vouchers that’s kinda like: 5% cashback, or 5p back per £1 spent, or £5 back for every £100 spent)
  • Spend £80 or over in one order: 200 points
  • Buy any Food: 75 Points

Order Example:

You spend £100 on treats and food.

— In return you get 500 points for the order (equivalent of £5).
— 200 points for spending over £80 (equivalent of £2).
— 75 points for buying food (equivalent of 75p).

Which is a grand total of 775 points back (equivalent of £7.75).

For Following

  • Follow us on Instagram: 25 points

For Sharing (Currently can be done once per week)

  • Facebook share: 25 points
  • Share a wishlist: 25 points
  • Social share: 25 points

For Creating an Account

  • Create account: 200 points

All the reward details are here:


If you have any questions let Lucy or I know and we’ll get back to you… but it may not be until Tuesday – it’s Easter Weekend – Yay!!!

Have yourself a lovely long weekend and enjoy your walkies!

Just a reminder that as it’s Good Friday/Easter Monday long weekend there will be a delay on any orders leaving the warehouse until Tuesday.

On the week beginning 25/4/22 our on-off-on relationship with a new unit for Bounce and Bella is finally happening. However that may mean some disruption to orders – if it’s possible for you to order earlier than Friday of next week that would be incredibly helpful for us. Thank you so much.

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