The Scattering - Games for Dogs
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The Scattering – Games for Dogs

The Scattering – Games for Dogs


Ploughing the Fields and Scattering…

🎶 “I plough the fields and scatter the good treats round the garden.” 🎶

Mother will be pleased to know Sunday School didn’t go to waste.

Although that’s all I kinda remember from that particular hymn.

So that’s what I sing on repeat when Roscoe and I play ‘The Scattering’.

All you need are tasty treats with no nasties (Bounce and Bella, naturally), a bit of space to chuck them around and a song in your heart if not on your lips.


Three times the goodness

This is one of those dog games with a number of benefits to playing.

Firstly – focus – get your dogs attention before sending them off snaffling.

Secondly – sniffing skills – Smell is our dog’s number one sense but so underused in life with us. Start simple but they’ll really have to bring their best sniffs out if you start throwing treats in long grass or over wider areas.

Thirdly – working for dinner – dogs love tasks and the rewards gained. If you’re into giving your dog their dinner allowance via tasks or games this works really well.


‘The Scattering’ – Step by Step – Games for Dogs



  1. Let your dog choose their favourite treats

  2. Scatter their treats

  3. Wait until your dog looks at you

  4. Say ‘Go’ to release your dog

  5. Enjoy seeing your dog sniff and snaffle their goodies




  • As I mentioned, If you use dry food this is a good way for your dog to work for their dinner.

  • Gradually scatter wider and farther so you build up their sniffing skills.

  • You may need to hold their collar at first while waiting for their focus.

  • Add ‘Ready, Steadyyyyy… Go!’ for added excitement.

Thank you

We had the honour of a gorgeous and glamorous Sumi to model for us – winner of our very own Darren’s Dog Race.

Thank you Sumi!


Next week’s game is a story of blackbirds, boxes and balls – see you then.


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2 months ago

Thanks for sharing. I read many of your blog posts, cool, your blog is very good.