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The perfect weasel word…

The perfect weasel word…

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!

Wee Jack’s mum and dad were horrified by the old discarded poo bags they were seeing on their walks.

So naturally they went online, searched for ‘biodegradable doo poo bags’ and bought from companies with plenty of decent reviews.

But each time the bags arrived they checked out the small print and discovered they were still made from plastic.

What the heck?

How could they be biodegradable and still be made of plastic – it didn’t make sense.

Apparently what these companies chose to mean by biodegradable was very different from what you’d expect.



The perfect weasel word…

It seemed biodegradable was the perfect weasel word.

The plastic bags broke down into smaller bits, kind of like powder, and eventually they were not visible at all.

But the microscopic bits of plastic were still very much there – taking centuries, even millennia to finally break down.

Other firms confused things further by saying things such as, ‘made from 65% recycled plastic’.

But Wee Jack’s parents knew what that meant now – that some of the plastic had been used a couple of times before it was turned into poo bags but…

Those bags were still not biodegradable and would end up flapping somewhere, slowly becoming microplastic and infecting their beautiful hills and lochs for centuries.

So how could Wee Jack and his parents find poo bags that weren’t made from plastic and could actually biodegrade?

They were missing the one phrase that would give them genuinely biodegradable poo bags and the one thing that could prove it…

More next week,

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