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The Foraging – Happiness Games for Dogs

The Foraging – DIY Games for Dogs


Hello you lovely pet parent, you!

What a fantastic game to play with your dog. 

They’re going to love this one.


As you know our dog’s number one sense is their sense of smell. They ‘see’ the world in smells.

In fact it’s been estimated their smell is somewhere between 10,000 – 100,000 times better than ours.

This game is so good to play because it encourages our dogs to enjoy their best sense to the max.


Not only do they do what they love – sniffing – but they also get rewarded for doing it with awesomely tasty treats!

We get to enhance their lives and give them another reason to focus on us – win win…


‘The Foraging’ Step by Step – Dog Games for Fun



Time for a bit of foraging fun…

  1. Let your dog choose their treats

  2. Wait until your dog looks at you

  3. Scatter the treats into the grass

  4. Say ‘Go’ and enjoy seeing your dog sniffing for their goodies




  • Make it simpler or trickier by changing where you throw the treats and how far and wide you scatter.

  • Add ‘Ready, Steady’ before ‘Go’ to increase the fun and really cement that focus on you.

Thank you

Thank you to Indie @indietherottweiler_ for being this week’s marvellously focussed assistant.

You can see more of her here:




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