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No More Hermes! New Food, New Designs and New Treats

No More Hermes! New Food, New Designs and New Treats…

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you! 

I hope you and your dogs coped with the heat this week. 

We have only been taking Roscoe out in the early mornings and evenings recently but certainly didn’t take him out at all Monday, Tuesday.

Everytime I walked past him he looked up with big sorry for himself eyes – not sure if it was the heat or no-walkies.

Of course the news this week has been mostly dreadful but this week’s email is bucking the trend – it’s full of good news!

No More Hermes!

Firstly and bestly – we’ve finally ditched the brand formerly known as Hermes, Evri.

We simply couldn’t have done it before this year as we just didn’t have the volume of parcels to affordably switch couriers.

We’ve moved the Hermes option to Royal Mail tracked 48 hours. We tested Royal Mail for a while and the difference was utterly obvious.

It is a more expensive option for the company but in terms of you getting the best customer service possible this was a move just waiting for the go go go.

As ever if you have any shipping or packing issues just let us know and we’ll get it sorted for you, but hopefully that’s just become a lot less likely.

New Food

The new luxury food I announced last year as coming soon is really nearly here.

And I definitely mean it this time!

We came unstuck with the packaging but that’s been resolved now (part of the problem is more meat means more oils).

I’m hoping to get samples on the website in the next few weeks for you to test out.

We’ll continue to sell our current food but this food really ramps up the taste and goodness because…


There’s more meat – it will be 65% meat.

And its tastier and more nutrient rich meat – the lamb is grass-fed, the chicken is free-range and the salmon is Scottish.

We’ve nailed down the provenance of the meats to a small group of specially selected British farms to really help with sustainability and to keep an eye on the quality.

 All still proudly made right here in lovely Lancashire.

New Treats, New Designs

We’ve been quietly developing a rebrand which will start with the new treats we’re hoping to bring out in autumn.

The new treats will be simple one-ingredient products so as ever with Bounce and Bella you’ll know exactly what you’re feeding your dog.

I did consider adding a sneak peak of the new designs as the image at the top of the email but we experience that many slips between cups and lips that I’ll leave it until nearer the time… but suffice to say they’re really darn tooting cute!

That’s All

That’s all for this month’s news. I hope you enjoyed Prime Day and please do keep your fingers crossed and ears flapping for our new food, treats and designs. It’s very exciting!

Have yourself a lovely, lovely weekend,



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