The Beakers - DIY Games for Dogs
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The Beakers… Happiness Games for Dogs

The Beakers – DIY Games for Dogs


Hello you lovely pet parent, you!

This is the doggie version of 3 card Montie, the scam game played to crowds in big cities.

In the human version you can’t win because the scammers are so good at manipulating the cards in their hands and giving you what they want.

However, in the doggie version we want them to win.


At every step we want success because we want them to love it!

We’re building great foundations for our relationship because they’re focusing on us repeatedly and we’re the excitement hub.

Here’s how to play…


‘The Beakers’ Step by Step – Dog Games for Fun



Time for a bit of magical fun…

  1. With your dog watching, pop a couple of treats under one of the beakers

  2. When they look at you say ‘Go!’ 

  3. If they poke the beaker, lift it up and let them snaffle the treats. Add some joyous  praise as a reward too

  4. Next time, swizzle two of the beakers around

  5. Repeat, gradually moving the beakers more and more




  • First time make sure your dog knows exactly where the treat is so they get off to a good start.

  • Gradually make it trickier by switching the beakers around but just do one extra switch each time

  • If there’s a fail just fall back to the last version they got right and restart from there. Still not right? Just go further back – it’s only a bit of fun 😁


Thank you

Thank you to Sumi @sumi_whippet for being this week’s magically stylish assistant.

You can see more of her here:




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